Tuesday, March 27, 2012

so i got a new app...

I have a love for photobooths.
Anytime I see one in the mall or whatever, I instantly drag whoever I'm with inside of it to take pictures.
I have photobooth pictures with Ty from when we were very newly dating.
I have one of a friend and I Jr. High.
I have one of my cousin and I from elementary school.
I have one of me and my dad from when I was like, 4.
I'm kind of obsessed.

I also have a love for my new iPhone.
We're in kind of a serious relationship...
I was browing the free apps earlier, when I came upon one that I didn't even think twice about before downloading.

And then, instead of preparing for parent/teacher conferences (which happen to be tomorrow), I had a photoshoot:

Now I'll never have to PAY $2.00 for a photbooth experience again.
And poor Ty and Abby will be forced to "play photobooth" with me forever.
Thank you iPhone...and thank you "photobooth-app-makers."

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