Saturday, April 21, 2012

my saturday in instagram...and my first collage

Its Instagram time again. And I’d also like everyone to take a sec to admire the amazing collage I’ve made to share with you. Its my first one ever. . . and I’m pretty proud of it. So without further ado :
  1. Bubba chilling out with the Packer blanket.
  2. Last night was SUPPOSED to be Friday Night Date Night. We were going to go to dinner with friends, but Ty’s eyeball had another idea. It decided to get pink eye due to his allergies, so we stayed home instead. Dang.
  3. When we went to get Ty’s prescription filled at CVS, he decided to make a beer purchase.
  4. Not to be left out, I decided to make an alcohol purchase of my own. That teeny weeny 4-pack you see is little wine bottles. I thought it was so adorable that I had to get it. I’m determined to become a wine drinker. I’ve never been a huge fan, but I think that people who drink wine are very sophisticated, and I’ve decided to be sophisticated as well. Now I just need to find a wine that I can drink without gagging. Which basically means it must be white.
  5. What goes better with wine than gummies?!
  6. Ty went to Evansville last month to take a class for work. If he passed the International Assessing Test at the end of the week, he would get a raise this spring. We got the results in the mail today, and HE PASSED! Show me the money, honey!
  7. To celebrate his upcoming raise, I went to my favorite store, and bought out the place. :)
  8. Then on the way home, i got caught by a train. What’s new?

Then I came home and cleaned, but that’s definitely not worthy of being part of my super-awesome collage. So anyway, that was pretty much my day. Now I’m off to snuggle up with my Kindle, and maybe a bowl of mac and chees.e. Can this day get any better?  :)

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