Sunday, May 6, 2012

in case you wanted to purchase me a gift...

I’m one of those girls that gets a new obsession every other day.
Pinterest has not helped that little problem, by the way.
It seems like every time I see something I like, I must have it. . .now.
Anyway, its been kind of a lazy Sunday afternoon, so I’ve been browsing Etsy shops.
While I was browsing, I saw tons of these ADORABLE wristlets.
So of course, now I’m convinced that I NEEEED a wristlet.
Summer is coming and it would be easier to just grab a cute wristlet and go, instead of lugging a big old purse around, right?
Well, that’s what I’m telling myself anyway.
These are some that I’m currently swooning over. . . you know, incase you were secretly dying to buy me a gift or something :)

Anchors Away  Wristlet and Mirror Set

Save 10% w/ promo code--Kitt Wristlet/ Pouch/ Makeup bag/ Wallet in Seafoam/ Natural Chevron Stripe --Ready to Ship--

Shuswap Bags Pears and Polkadots Wristlet and Mirror Set

Pleated Purse / Wristlet in pink and grey stripe

the Pleated Wristlet Clutch . Large  . in Chevron ZigZag Coral and White . detachable wrist strap . READY To SHIP . bridesmaid gift

Wristlet Wallet Clutch Purse Purple Green Flowers Dots Contrast

Janbag Wristlet, handmade, bridesmaids bag, bridal, diaper bag, gift pouch, bride - Majestic oak
Feel free to contact me if you need my shipping information :)
Totally kidding.

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