Friday, December 28, 2012

gallery wall inspiration...and project numero uno.

I've decided to take one of the walls in our bedroom and make a gallery wall on it.
Here is the wall that I'm using as my inspiration.
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Fawn, over at Always Chasing Life made a gallery wall that has a lot of meaning.
It's not merely a bunch of cool pictures slapped on a random wall.
Mostly everything on the wall has something to do with her and her husband as a couple.
So that's what I've decided to make.
I want the majority of the things on our wall to have some sort of sentimental meaning behind it.
It's going to take quite awhile to collect all of the items I'm going to put on the wall, and most of it I'm going to make (which we all know will take awhile.)
But I ventured out to my favorite crafty place to get started on my first project for the wall.
(Cue angel harps.)
I took my mom along and got some supplies (and perhaps a new Christmas tree that was on super-sale for next year...), then headed home to get working on my first project.
I'm a ticket stub-saver.
I've saved a bunch of the stubs we've gotten since we've been together.
But I never have anything to do with them.
So I saw an idea on Pinterest (duh.) that I decided to recreate.
You start with a shadow box. I got a wood-ish one, because it goes the best with our house.
Then take some burlap (or burlap SCRAPBOOK PAPER...thanks Mom!) to create as your background.
I wanted the background to be simple and plain, but not too plain.
So I got another scrapbook paper and attached it to the bottom.
My mom also found some sticker borders that looked like tickets. Perfect!
I put two of them along the seam of the two papers.
Then I wanted to add the words "admit two" to the top.
I got some black Thickers to do this part.
Then attach all this to the backing of the shadow box, add your ticket stubs, and voila!
Now I'm going to have Ty cut a slit on the top of the shadow box, so that it's extra easy to add new ticket stubs to the box after we've gone somewhere.
And that's it! The first piece of my gallery wall is officially complete.
Stay tuned for my next project!
xoxo, wife.


  1. VERY CUTE! I like it a lot. And I have to say those ticket borders add the perfect finishing touch! :)Mom

  2. I think that was a terrific idea and cute also