Friday, January 4, 2013

gallery wall project numero dos.

Project number two for my gallery wall was a very simple and easy one.
But I really like it.
And so does the Hubs, so that must mean it's pretty good.
As I mentioned last time, I want the majority of the things on my gallery wall to have some meaning behind them.
So for this project, I wanted to buy a frame, write the lyrics to our "first dance" song, and then put a picture of the first dance in the frame.
Easy peasy.
Here it goes.
I found an old-looking 8x10 rustic wood frame from Hobby Lobby, and purchased a 5x7 mat to go with it.
The mat looks white in the picture, but it is more of a cream color.
Then I took one of my favorite pens, a Sharpie fine point black pen, and wrote the lyrics to the first song we danced to as husband and wife.
"I'll Always Be Right There," by Bryan Adams.
(I will NOT take this opportunity to describe to you the conversation that took place the other night when I had to ask Hubby what the song was called, because I couldn't remember it. We'll just keep moving on.)
Then I picked the picture that I wanted to go in the frame.
I played around and edited it a little so that it was a sepia tone, and I blurred it a little.
I put it in the mat, put the mat in the frame...
and here is the result:
Very quick and easy project, that I think will make a meaningful addition to the gallery wall.
(And now I will always remember what our First Dance song was. Sorry Ty.)
xoxo, wife.

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