Tuesday, July 16, 2013

monday made-it

I spent yesterday gettin' my craft on! I've been chatting with and following teachers from all over the country on Instagram and I've been inspired by tons of them. With only a couple weeks left before school starts, everyone's been getting crafty with their classroom decor. So I thought, "When in Rome..."

I wanted to redo a project that I did last summer, and I had an idea for something new.

First, the project from last year: I got an ugly, plain tool box thingy from Lowe's. I spray painted it pink and put some colorful scrapbook paper in it to make it look nicer. I kept it behind my desk and had office supply stuff inside.

It was cute, but there were a couple problems. First of all, it's pink. Which was fine at the time, but a couple weeks after I made this, I got a classroom rug from my parents and I kind of went with those colors for my class theme. (Pink was NOT one of those colors.) Second, I failed to ever put any kind of labels on the drawers, so I never knew exactly where the staples were. Third, you could see the double-sided tape I'd used to keep the scrapbook paper in place.

So I set out to fix these problems. I got some tan spray paint, found some papers in my stash that matched my classroom colors, labeled each drawer, and took extra care with the double-sided tape.

It might be a little more boring that last year's but it matches a lot better. Since I opted out of an actual desk this year due to a lack of space, this "toolbox" will come in handy, because I don't have desk drawers to keep my stuff in. I'll keep it on a shelf behind my table where it's within reach to get anything I need.

Now onto project number two: We are required to have an area in our classroom where we post student work. I enjoy hanging up work from the kids, but it's always such a pain to replace it every couple weeks. I've got too much other stuff to do during the day to worry about taking staples out of walls and stapling up new work. So I got an idea. I got some plain clothespins and some washi tape. If you don't know what washi tape is, look it up. It will forever change your crafty life.

Then I stuck the tape on 26 clothespins...one for each student. I love how they turned out!

Cool, huh? So now I'm going to hot glue some push pins on the back. Then when I head back to my room in a couple weeks, I'll stick them right into the wall. Then all I'll have to do to display their work is stick their papers into the clips, and when I want to change it out, pull their papers out and pass them back. So much simpler...and cuter!

My brain has been working on overload lately with ideas for school. Some are crafty, decorative ideas, but most are academic and planning ideas. If I do anymore cool crafts, I'll post them.

xoxo, wife.


  1. I think your craft "re-do" is even better than it was before! The clothespins are cute...I've also seen where you can string some twine up on the wall and use the clothespins to hang papers from it. If the push pins don't work, you could try that. ALSO, I love your new blog background!

  2. Your ideas are very clever, and so cute. You and your
    Mom are so crafty.