Thursday, July 25, 2013

tying it all together.

Another classroom decoration craft. Hopefully this isn't getting too boring. Anyway, I've been seeing all these fun fabric garlands all over the internet. I thought they looked really cute, and could add a fun touch to my classroom.

I went to Hobby Lobby and chose 5 different fabrics that matched the colors in my room, and some twine. That's all you need! (And scissors and hands, I suppose.) I got 8 inches of each fabric.

Then I cut the fabric into one-inch(ish) strips. There's no need to measure or be exact, which is the excellent part for me.

I thought it would be easiest to put the fabric on the twine if it was actually strung up to something, rather than just lying loose on the table, so I tied it to two of our kitchen chairs. Bubba was not pleased.

Then I loop-tied (does that even make sense?) the fabric strips onto the garland in a pattern. This is how it turned out.

I made a long one (above) and a shorter one (below.) I'm not quite sure where they'll go in my classroom, but I picture the longer one up by the board somewhere. And I'll probably put the shorter one over by my desk somewhere.

This had to be the cheapest project I've ever done. All the fabric was on sale, and since I only got 8 inches of each, they were only about $1 a piece. Then I paid about $3 for the twine. So the whole thing cost me about $8, and I have TONS of twine left.

I'm thinking about making one to hang up on our curtain rod in the living room. I'd use burlap strips in it, because EVERYTHING IS BETTER WITH BURLAP! I'm starting to think that's my motto.

If you'd like to commission me to make you one of these, let me know. It was so fun, I think I'm going to open a shop haha!

xoxo, wife.

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