Saturday, November 9, 2013

and then i picked up a new hobby.

About a month or two ago, I decided I was going to take up painting. I wanted to paint wooden signs.
But the kind of wood I wanted to paint wasn't so easy to come by. So I decided to try canvas. I mentioned it to my mom this morning, and she told me not to go and buy any canvases, because they're not super cheap. She had a couple that she'd give me to try it out and see if I liked it.

I got a couple acrylic paints and this is what I came up with for my first painting.

It't not perfect by any means, but it was all done freehand, so I think I did a decent job for my first time. I had a lot of fun painting it and was actually really patient and took my time (a skill I normally lack when I do a project.) I turned on some music, had some candles burning, and it was really relaxing. I'm looking forward to doing some more paintings soon. But for tonight, I'll enjoy my new view.

xoxo, wife.

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