Wednesday, November 13, 2013

my little future artists.

eI live for Wednesday afternoons. We have enrichment clubs at the end of the day.  Each quarter the teachers get to choose something fun to focus on for their club, and we switch students out from other classes and spend 30 minutes in our club, teaching stuff that we normally wouldn't get to teach during the school day. Students (or their parents) get to choose which club they'd like to be in so chances are, you'll have kids who are interested in what you're teaching in your club.

This quarter, I chose to do an art club that will focus on really basic art skills (you know...the stuff they didn't get in preschool because they didn't GO to preschool.) I called it Artsy Smartsy. I have half the kids from my class, and half the kids from the other class. (I think that's the main reason I like it...half of my naughty kids are gone!) The mix of kids I have in the club are so well behaved! They all love art, coloring, drawing, etc, so they're focused and excited about it.

Anyway, today we worked on drawing; a skill these kiddos are TERRIBLE at. I mean...they're really bad! Mostly scribbles. I've been seeing lots of stuff online about guided drawing...which is basically guiding them through a drawing step-by-step. So I decided to do that with them. We chose to draw a favorite book character, David. All these kids know who David is, and they all like him, so everyone was excited! This is David.

And here are some of the David's the kiddos in my club came up with. Keep in mind, these kids are only 5, and normally draw in scribbles!

I think this one's my favorite.

I also love this one.

None of them are exact, but they all did a really good job of following the directions, which is really all I was getting at this week. My plan for next week is a guided drawing of Cat in the Hat!

Perhaps some of these kiddos will be illustrators someday?

xoxo, wife.


  1. Very good. I love kids drawings! Did you notice that all but one picture gave David mean eyebrows?

    1. I did! I'm sure it's because he's so naughty!