Friday, January 24, 2014

i've survived 100 days.

ANOTHER snow day?! Winter may be slowly becoming my favorite season.

Anyway, since I'm stuck in the house I figured I'd share a little of my favorite day of the school year (besides graduation, of course.)

Yesterday was the 100th day of school.
Normally not a big deal.
But in Kindergarten it's a HUGE deal.
I plan tons of fun stuff to do all day that revolves around the number 100.

I make a sign similar to this every year. For some reason, I made it much longer this year. I had to bend over EVERY time I left/entered the room.

We did lots of fun stuff. 

We wrote our names 100 times. 
In years past, this takes all of 10 minutes.
Not with this group. 
These kids wrote in their NEATEST handwriting.
I kept asking if they wanted to stop, and they said no...they were really into it.
After an HOUR (I was getting really bored!) I finally told them it was time to be done because we had lots of other fun stuff to do. 
No joke...5 kids started crying because they weren't finished.
I felt really bad. So I told them they could finish at recess. And they decided to do that instead of play!
Can you say NERDS?? :)

We also predicted where we would end up if we took 100 steps out of our classroom.
Popular guesses: The playground. The road. Walmart. McDonalds.
The reality: We ended up in the office. :)

We predicted how full a Dixie cup would be if I put 100 drops of water in it with an eye-dropper.
Popular guesses: Full. Overflowing. Mrs. Miller will be wet because it will get all over her.
The reality: It barely covered the bottom of the cup.

It's crazy how they still have such little concept of how much 100 is. It's pretty cute.

By far the favorite activity of the day was making Fruit Loop Necklaces. Each kid put 100 Fruit Loops on their Hundred Chart.

Then they strung the Fruit Loops onto their string.

Then they wore them the rest of the day and resisted the temptation to eat them.
They all really wanted to show their moms!

I also made them hats that they wore all day. The hats said "I've survived 100 days of Kindergarten!"

We really did have a ton of fun. But at the end of the day when the kids asked, "Can we do this again for 200 Day?" I was quick to reply, "NO! We will NOT be together in 100 more days!"

Happy 100 Day everyone.
Only 90 more to go!

xoxo, teacher-wife.


  1. You really come up with some clever ideas for your class. Too bad the parents can't comprehend all the things you do to
    to teach their children. Keep up the good work. Love ya