Monday, April 14, 2014

today i was a fun teacher

The Monday after Spring Break is never a very good one.
I decided that I'd do my best to make it a fun day so that we'd all feel a little better about being in a window-less basement classroom instead of at home having fun.

So for math, I planned a fun graphing lesson. In the spirit of Easter, I decided we'd graph jelly beans!

We started by sorting the jelly beans by color.

Then we graphed! We spent the week before Spring Break learning about graphs: what they are, why we use them, and how we use them. So they were all ready to get to work!

Since they're only in kindergarten, I'm so used to walking them through EVERY LITTLE THING step by step. But now that they're almost in first grade, I'm finding that I can step back a little and let them do more on their own, which is sad...but also rewarding. I really didn't have much to do during the graphing, except walk around and check to see that they were doing it right. And they were!

Then after we graphed our jelly beans, we added up the different colors we had.

They wrote down how many of each color they had, and then added the colors together. 

So there you go. Sorting, counting, graphing, and addition all in one math lesson. And it was fun!
And yes, I let them eat the jelly beans when they were finished.
My favorite quote from today: "I love doing math with you, Mrs. Miller. This is so fun!"

xoxo, Mrs. Miller