Friday, July 25, 2014

craft room to do list

There are some things I need to get done in the old craft room. Since I'm a list-maker by nature, I thought I should list everything out that I need to do.

1. Get a trash can. (Right now I have an ugly, giant black trash bag in the MIDDLE of the room.)

2. Organize my paints. Right now they're in a container thing, but it takes up so much of my workspace. I'm thinking I need something like this ASAP.

This holds 80 bottles on each side!
I've been looking all over the internet for one of these and I can't find one. I've heard they're at Michael's or Hobby Lobby, but I haven't seen them. 

I suppose I could also do something like this.

I found this one online for $53.00.

3. I need to get something to store canvases while they dry. Right now I'm laying them on the floor. Which means I either step on them and mess them up OR I get paint on the floor. Both are bad.

4. Buy more paints and brushes! I'm convinced you can never have enough. Also I need to get more of these.

I use these to paint the back ground of the canvas quickly. I've found that the cheapest ones with the red handle work the best. I have one fat one right now, and I'm constantly having to run and wash it because I need to use it. The last time I went to Michael's, they didn't have the red handles. Just the nicer wooden ones that don't paint as smoothly.

5. Clean it up. I have a lot going on in this room. Besides my painting area, it's an office too so it has a lot of books, a desk, and all my school stuff in it. I need to organize and make it look nicer. That should probably be done first, huh?

So that's what I need to get to work on. 

xoxo. wife.

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