Tuesday, October 14, 2014

bad boys, bad boys

Whatcha gonna do?
Whatcha gonna do when they come for you?

The police came to school today. And for once, it wasn't for anything bad! Kindergarten and first grade are in the thick of a unit about communities. One of the huge things we cover is community helpers (people whose job it is to help us in our community.) We set up for some police officers to come and speak with our kids about what they do.

What I really liked was that they geared everything toward the kids and told them that even KIDS can go to jail if they make too many bad choices. They brought the van that they use to take kids to the Juvenile Justice Center, and gave our kiddos an up close look at it.

One of my students said, "It doesn't look very comfy. And it doesn't even have seat belts. I never wanna ride in this van." And I said, "Good. I never want to hear about you riding in a van like this!"

Then they brought out Dex, the K9. The kids (most of them, anyway) loved Dex, and even got to pet him. Then the K9 officer showed us how fast Dex can run, and some of the commands he gives. It was really neat. 

It was definitely a good experience for these kids, whose only impression of police officers is that they are bad, because they took their daddies to jail. (I heard more than enough stories today about who's parent is/has been in jail.)The police officers did a good job of ensuring the kids that police officers keep them safe, but that they also need to make lots of smart choices so they don't end up in that van!

xoxo, Mrs. Miller

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  1. So glad that the police department does things like this for the kids. I do hope it made a BIG impression on the kids.