Monday, November 3, 2014

pumpkin week 2014

Last week was Pumpkin Week at school. I get so excited about this particular week each year. In fact, I was so excited while planning my lessons the other day, that a coworker and I started talking about doing themed weeks ALL YEAR! We planned out some stuff and got it approved by administration. Having themed weeks is a lot more work for the teacher, but it's a lot more fun too. The kids also get a lot more into it, which means they learn a lot's just win-win all around. So without further ado, here are some pictures from Pumpkin Week.

This is our pumpkin. We decided to name it and learned about how to vote in order to choose a name. The winning name was Rainbow. Which is fortunate, because the other choices were: Redbull, Green Team, Bob, and Hello Kitty.

 We learned about circumference during math. We ESTIMATED (another awesome math skill) how long of a string we would need to get around the pumpkin to figure the circumference. Here are the results. 

We filled out this chart I made with our schema (stuff we already know), and our new learning. Unfortunately I didn't get a picture after the chart was filled in, but we learned a lot! Did you know that pumpkins are a fruit AND a vegetable? I didn't! (Although to be fair, I've never really thought about it.) Also, the more lines a pumpkin has, the more seeds it will have. 

We did pumpkin math every day. We estimated how many lines the pumpkin had, and then counted them. We estimated how many cubes (kindergarten unit of measurement) tall our pumpkin was, how many cubes wide, how much it weighed, and then figured all that stuff out too!

 Thursday was the best day yet. We learned all about the pulp inside the pumpkin, and got to feel it! We also estimated how many seeds would be in our pumpkin. While exploring with the pulp, we got all the seeds out and put them into cups so that we could count them. We talked about all the different ways we could count the seeds, and the class decided that putting the seeds into groups of ten, and then counting by tens would be the easiest way to count them, instead of just counting them one by one. I was so impressed that they came up with that!

The last day of Pumpkin Week was Halloween. Since we can't celebrate holidays, we told kids they could dress up like their favorite book character. I joined in too, of course! I dressed as our class favorite, Pete the Cat. (Google him.)

Note: I was pretty sick in the picture above. I had just dropped my kids off at lunch and told administration I was going to go home sick. Instead of saying, "Feel better," my team leader said, "Wait! Let me take your picture first! Gotta get this in the yearbook, ya know!"

Anyway, that was Pumpkin Week. This week? Turkey Week!!

xoxo, Mrs. Miller

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  1. You have such clever ideas for teaching your class. I love it.