Wednesday, December 17, 2014

the gingerbread man.

Every year I spend a week in class doing a gingerbread unit. We do all types of things with gingerbread. By far my favorite activity of the week is always the Gingerbread Man experiment.

I start out by asking the kids, "Why didn't the Gingerbread Man want to fall in the river? Why did he agree to ride across on the fox's back?"

There are always lots of theories. And then I whip out a REAL Gingerbread Man! Cue the "oohs" and "ahhs."

Then I tell them we're going to do an experiment. We're going to drop the Gingerbread Man into some water and see what happens. We'll figure out just why he didn't want to fall in the water. We start by making some predictions about what will happen, and then we drop him in. After a few minutes, this happened.

We talked about what happened, and why the Gingerbread Man wouldn't have wanted to get wet. 

Then it's my favorite part. I tell the kids that I'm going to pull him out so that we can get a closer look. And...

Now normally, this is met with hysterical laughter. But I wish I could have gotten these kids' expressions on camera. They looked so distraught! I laugh just thinking about it. They finally began to chuckle, and we wrapped up the lesson. 

I couldn't just dump the experiment in the trash, and I certainly didn't want them spilling it. So I stuck it up on top of my book case until after school, when I could clean it up.

Except I forgot.

The experiment was on Thursday.

So Monday, I came in and was working at my desk before school. I kept getting this whiff of something bad, and couldn't figure out what it was. Then the kids came, and I kept smelling it. I wondered if someone had left some old food laying around...but I couldn't find anything. Finally during my prep I reached up to the top shelf of my bookcase to grab something...and I saw it. UGH! I knew instantly that's what was making the rancid smell. I reached up above my head to get it, and of course I spilled some. 

I took the container to the bathroom to clean it out. I can't even describe how bad it smelled. I was GAGGING while I was cleaning it out. I finally just threw the container away because I couldn't get the smell out. Then I got back to my room and still smelled it...because I had spilled some on the floor. I clean that up as best I could and then sprayed almost an entire can of Lysol on it. 

The moral of this story is: no matter how cool your experiment in, don't put the aftermath above your head where you won't notice it again for 4 more days.  Eww.

xoxo, mrs. miller

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  1. That was such a cute experiment, bet the kids really enjoyed it.