Sunday, February 9, 2014

you know you're an adult....

When you get excited about a new hamper.

Isn't it lovely?

Our dog ripped the last one, which was a canvas bag that hung on a wooden stand. 
I really wanted a new one, but there are things we needed I wanted more than a hamper. 
But alas, Ty came home the other day and declared that he had ordered us a new one.
He had some money left on a gift card, and instead of using it all to buy something for himself, he bought us this nice new hamper! He's a keeper, I tell ya!

Now that I've gotten all the laundry done and out of the old, ripped one, this new one sits proudly in it's place. I'm hoping that it doesn't overflow before next Sunday (laundry day.)

xoxo, wife.