Thursday, July 28, 2011

Bath time at our house

We're going away for the weekend (woo hoo!) and baby Abby will be spending the weekend at my mom and dad's. My mom typically makes it clear that she doesn't want my adorable baby to come over (but we all know that she loves Abby more than she lets on.) Anyway, my mom always demands requests politely that I give Abby a bath before she comes over. So tonight was bath night. Bath time with baby Abby consists of me getting wet, me getting severe back cramps from leaning over the tub for so long, and Abby fighting tooth and nail to NOT GET HER HEAD WET. But I win that battle every time. But my all-time favorite part of bath time is when she gets out of the tub. 


She's so efficient that I don't even have to finish the whole job! And don't worry, I gave her the treat she deserved for being a good girl, an ice cube. Don't ask me why, but that's like her favorite thing in the world. (And zero calories, which is good because the vet informed me that she's 1 whopping pound overweight.) Now she's all clean and ready to spend the weekend with Grammy and Grampy!

Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Dear Husband,

(I think I might make "Dear Husband," a weekly thing. Apparently on Wednesdays, because that's when I'm doing it. It'll give me an excuse to talk about my hubby (good things and bad) and post pictures of him (cute and embarrassing.) So enjoy!)

Dear Husband,
A few nights ago I told you that I'd be going out with my girlfriends on Monday. I don't know if you're aware of this, but you made a slight sad face, and acted mopey for a few minutes. This made me feel special because I felt like you were sad that I was going to be away for a few hours.

When I came home from a fun night with my friends, I had an amazing surprise waiting for me. I knew you had been planning on doing some yard work to get ready for our new patio to be put in. But to be honest, I figured you'd rush through it and hook up with your Xbox for the rest of the night, to live your dream of being a hockey star vicariously through little cartoon men that don't really exist. Boy was I wrong. Not only did you clean out the patio spot, but you mowed the lawn as well.

But that wasn't all! You were so excited to show me that you had done work inside as well! All on your own, you decided to wash out our kitchen sink and clean the stove top (I promise to never let it get that gross again.) Then....YOU FINALLY PUT YOUR LAUNDRY AWAY!!!!! It was a joyous moment for me. The cutest part was how proud of yourself you were (and I hope I showed you how much I appreciated all of it by the millions of kisses I bestowed upon you.)

So I just wanted to say thank you. Thank you for all the chores you did without even being asked to. It was definitely sweet, and you earned Major Husband Bonus Points for it. I love you!

Love, Lisa

P.S. If I go out with my friends more often, will this become a regular occurrence?  :)

Monday, July 25, 2011


Wanna play a game? Take a guess what this used to be.
If you guessed that it was the 2nd cutting board to fall victim to the dangers of my dishwasher, (darn thing)
you'd be right.
Apparently, I fell asleep in Physics the day Newton's Law was taught that said, "What goes in the dishwasher as a nice, wooden cutting board, must come out as a mangled piece of crap."
The first wooden cutting board was slowly bent over time into what looked like a half-pipe at the skate park.
And we're not big on skateboarding around here, so we threw it out, and I purchased the cutting board seen above. (Except that it was whole then.)
I specifically went and got one that was a lot thicker than the first one, because I didn't want what happened last time to happen again. 
It even had a cool little "moat" around it where the meat juices could run.
I've literally had this thing like 2 weeks.
So today, I open the dishwasher to put the dishes away like a good little wife, and what do I find inside?
My nice new cutting 4 pieces.
Am I the only one that had no clue that you can't put a wooden cutting board in the dishwasher?
Mom, why didn't you ever teach me this?
Apparently, I'm going to have to find a "Super Cutting Board" made out of granite, or quartz, or something equally as hearty.
One from somewhere like Crate and Barrel or somewhere expensive like that, and not from Walmart, which may or may not have been where I purchased mine.
Oh well.
On the bright side, I now have a puzzle that a 6 month old could complete in a matter of seconds.
RIP Cutting Board. The two times I used you were grand.

Sunday, July 24, 2011


Today, Hubs planned on taking me to the beach to watch the sunset...which is my ALL-TIME favorite thing to do in the entire world. (He's a pretty sweet guy, even if he doesn't always put his laundry away in a timely fashion.) But when we walked outside after church today, we saw that this would obviously not be a possibility, since the sky was dark. Kinda hard to watch the sunset when its cloudy. I was pretty bummed. Hubs reassured me that he'd take me another night, but that he'd surprise me with something else today instead.

He ran to the store and came back later with supplies to make home-made M&M Blizzards...or as he dubbed the off-brand, "Snowstorms!" It was so sweet because this is my favorite summer snack (or anytime of the year snack, for that matter.)

He chopped up the M&Ms with a hammer, put them in the blender with the ice cream, chocolate sauce and a little bit of milk, and BAM! He made a delicious snack! (And a very happy wife.)
And now I can officially say that I've eaten ice cream out of a wine glass. How many of you can say that?

Saturday, July 23, 2011

Sometimes he talks in his sleep.

The weirdest thing I've learned about Ty since we got married is that he talks in his sleep. (And snores too, but that's a different post for a different time.) Every night he mumbles in his sleep, but I'd say probably 4 or 5 nights a week, he speaks completely coherently. For instance, the other night, Hubs went to bed an hour before I did. When I got in bed, he rolled over and mumbled something. At first I thought he was awake, so I asked him to say it again. Again, he mumbled, and I started to realize he was asleep...eyes closed and all. One more time, I asked, "What?" And this time he replied totally clearly, "Mary said she saw one." I always think its incredibly funny when he talks in his sleep, so I started to laugh and asked, "Oh...Mary said she saw one?" "Yeah," he replied. And I said "Well, good!" And that was that.

I mentioned this whole thing the next day to him, and he has no clue what he was talking about and doesn't remember a thing. (Not to mention that he doesn't really know anyone named Mary.) This is definitely an endless source of entertainment for me, and its my goal to someday have an entire conversation with him in his sleep...and possibly record the whole thing.

Oh, and in case you didn't notice her in the top picture, here is my adorable doggy napping with her daddy :)

Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Love Getting Mail! (Even if I ordered it and its not technically a surprise...)

Today I braved the 1000% humidity and walked out to the mailbox only to find the greatest mail EVER sitting inside. I present to you: Da Da Da Daaaaa! Bare Minerals.

After drooling over the infomercial for about the hundredth time, I finally gave in and ordered. I was amazed with all that came with my starter kit! I think I even did a little dance as I got each brush and pot out of powder out of the package. Of course, I had just done my makeup for the day, so I wasn't able to try it out right away. (I convinced myself that I would be pathetic if I ran to wash everything off just to apply my new Bare Minerals...even though I totally wanted to be pathetic.)

Luckily though, I needed a little touch up later in the day, since I had been working around the house and sweated most of my other makeup off. So I got to try out my amazing new cosmetics...(sad that I get so excited about this, huh?)

 I was pretty much done here, but took pictures to "reenact" the process.

Now, I may not look any different to you, but Hubs kept telling me how pretty he thought I looked in my new makeup. It really did a pretty good job of covering everything up, and 9 hours and a workout later, its still on and looks pretty good. (Pretty sure I should get some free product for this advertising I'm giving them.) So anyway, it was much more than I would normally spend on makeup, but a tiny bit really goes a long way, like on the infomercials, and it really does look good.

And the best part? In two months, I'll get a another little package in the mail with replacements! Woo Hoo!  (Yeah yeah, I know I have to pay for it, but whatever...its worth it! And quite a bit cheaper, since I won't need all the brushes and stuff.)
Getting mail is super fun!

Wednesday, July 20, 2011


I'm sitting in my office/craft room right now bored out of my mind, while Hubs does who knows what.
I call it my office/craft room, but really its just the room where my desk is, and where junk seems to pile up. But I dream of it being an office/craft room someday, so that's what I call it.
P.S. (I do nothing officey and I do nothing crafty...see crocheting post.)
But its fun to think about, so while I'm sitting here insanely bored, I'm dreaming that one day, my office/craft room will look like one of these:

Thank you, Pottery Barn, for once again making me feel inadequate, and like I'll never quite live up to your awesomeness.

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Dear Husband,

Dear Husband,

Three days ago, you brought your laundry basket upstairs. It had been downstairs stuffed to the brim (and there were several other LARGE piles of clothes that wouldn't even fit in the basket) for about 2 weeks. Upon setting your laundry basket in the kitchen, of all places, I politely (kind of) said that you better not leave it there until the next day. To which you sweetly replied, "Well to be honest, it'll probably be there until I get home from work tomorrow." Meaning yesterday.

I took these pictures as blackmail after you came home from work yesterday.
Exhibit A: Laundry basket STILL on the kitchen floor.
Exhibit B: You chilling in your chair (with the gosh darn cutest doggy ever!) while the laundry sat there.

Upon threatening that I would post these pictures on my blog, you told me that I better not, and that you'd take care of it later. So I didn't rush to post the pictures. Then this morning, when I woke up after you'd left for work, I was greeted with this:

ALERT! ALERT! Piling clothes on the bed and the floor by your closet DOES NOT COUNT as "taking care of it." So, as promised, I have now posted the blackmail pictures! (I am doing an evil laugh as we speak!) I love you to absolute pieces, and you know that. But your clothes are currently becoming wrinkled, and I will just have to iron or wash them again if they stay like this. Please put them away.

Love, Lisa

PS. Please don't divorce me because of this post. I only have a few followers anyway, so its not like a ton of people know about your laundry-putting-away disability. :)

The New Hobby.

I've gotten very obsessed with reading blogs lately.
(But since I still have 3 weeks of summer vacation left, its ok.)
I like to read a lot of the fashion blogs, and have seen a lot of really cute stuff lately...
especially crocheted stuff.
I love all the headbands, wristlets, and other cute crocheted things that you can buy from these blogs.
I was looking around yesterday, and found a few things I wanted to buy, when I thought to myself, "I could totally make that myself...and not have to pay shipping."
I figured I needed a new hobby anyway, so last night, I went to Hobby Lobby (cue hallelujah music) with Hubs in tow, to get supplies for my new hobby.
When we got home, I got to work.
I had my I Taught Myself to Crochet book, my laptop with youtube videos, and I was all set. wasn't so easy. 
After an hour of grunting, rewinding videos, and the occasional swear word, I proudly displayed my first row.
Then I had to add a second row...ugh.
Now, that was tough. Then a third row, which was tougher.
Hubs told me I looked cute...concentrating and all that. Whatever.
When I was finished (3 hours later), this was what I came up with:
Notice its a triangle, and not a square?
Yeah, I don't know what happened.
But I will continue to persevere and perfect my new hobby.
Soon, everyone in my family will have a wonky, crocheted triangle!
But on the plus side, look at my cute supplies basket!
Now that my stuff looks professional, I have a professional aura around me, and I think my next few attempts at my new hobby will be much more successful. Maybe I'll be able to make a square today...or tomorrow.

Or someday.

Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Didn't That Go Out of Style in Like, the 80's?"

The shopping bug bit me hard this week. 
I spent a good deal of time at TJ Maxx earlier this week and go some really cute stuff.
Today I decided to go out shopping as well, and hit up a local thrift store.
Now, I've never been much of a thrift-store go-er before, but I thought I'd give it a shot.
Surprisingly, I found a few great things. 
I got 2 pairs of pants for work, 2 skirts, and a blazer for $22.00.

One of my favorite things about Hubs is that he likes (or pretends to like) when I show him all the stuff I bought on my shopping trips. 
I decided to show him my favorite thrift store purchase (which I was totally pumped about).
Adorable tan pleated skirt:
To which Hubs responds, "Didn't that go out of style in like, the 80's?"
Instantly bummed me out.
I thought it was cute.
Then Hubs told me he thought it was cute too, but he just didn't know if pleats were still in style or not.
Yeah, yeah...whatever.
But I don't care what he thinks.
I'm going to wear my outdated tan pleated skirt like its going out of style.
Get it? Going out of style? know its funny.

Friday, July 15, 2011

Reason #351 Why I Love My Husband

When Ty came home from work today, I asked him if he liked my outfit. (New clothes I bought yesterday.) To which he mildly responded, "Yeah." Then I asked him if he liked my hair, which I curled today especially for him. (Cuz he likes that.) Again, a mild, "Yeah." I had been pretty pumped about my new clothes and hair, so I was mildly bummed. Then, a few minutes later, he said, "Did you do your makeup differently today?" Astounded that he would actually notice that, I answered, "Yeah. I did my eyes differently today, and I'm wearing my new lipstain I got yesterday."

A little bit later, I went to sit down on the chair to smooch him a little, and he said, "I really think your eyes look good babe." I love how its the little things he notices, like my eye makeup...not the things I'm concerned about, like my new clothes or my hairstyle.

**PS. Now we all know how I'm wearing my eye makeup from now on :)

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Before He Said "I Love You."

These were the first 3 pictures Ty and I ever took together...way back when I was 19 and he was 20.

-Before he ever kissed me after a long day of work.
-Before he carried me across a huge rain puddle at the movie theater.
-Before he knew I was the pickiest eater on the planet.
-Before he came all the way to my work (45 minute drive) just to sit and watch me wait tables til I got off and could hang out.
-Before the first time he kicked my butt in putt-putt.
-Before I first realized that he is a sore loser at Scrabble.
-Before he ever bought me any jewelry.
-Before he knew about my shopping addiction.
-Before he gave me my favorite teddy bear that I still sleep with at night.
-Before he ever played with my hair as I fell asleep.
-Before I cooked for him the first time.
-Before I knew that October meant only one thing: Hunting.
-Before I talked to him all night on the phone, until 6am when he was working nighttime security.
-Before he taught me what an "error" was in baseball.
-Before the first time I ever rode on the back of his motorcycle.
-Before I stopped pretending that I liked "boy" movies like 300.
-Before he wrote me a poem.
-Before we ever fought about something stupid.
-Before he helped me pass my college math class (by .01%).
-Before the first time he saw me cry.
-Before I knew he mimics the facial expressions of people while he watches tv.
-Before he painted my toenails...and I pretended he did a great job (even though he didn't).
-Before we rode dune buggies and I almost cried, died, and peed my pants.
-Before I knew I would have to root for the Packers for the rest of my life.
-Before we smelled each other's morning breath.
-Before he ever told me how cute he thinks I am when I'm sleeping in the mornings.
-Before he showed me that there are things besides rides at the 4H Fair.
-Before he realized I hog the covers and don't share my pillow.
-Before I took him to Wrigley Field when he turned 25.
-Before we bought our first home.
-Before we knew we'd be together forever and ever, amen.

I am so thankful for all the "befores" that have led to this incredible "after." I can't wait to look back on a picture of us when we're in our 40's or 50's and think back to all the "befores" that we have yet to experience together. I love you so much, Ty, and I am so blessed to be able to spend the rest of my life with you.
-Love, Lisa

Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Apparently He Was Raised in a Barn...

 Bubba seems to think that drinking water out of  my glass is more appealing than drinking out of his completely full
Was this kid raised in a barn or something?
Take a wild guess who he lived with before Hubs and I got married?
Yep. You guessed it. (great parenting job, babe...)
I also received this lovely stare-down from him as I was snapping the evidence pictures.
Its as if he's saying, " you expect me to drink out of a bowl on the floor that I have to share with  the dog??
 Apparently, I don't expect him to though...because instead of yelling at him to stop, I busted out the camera and took pictures of him instead. 
He's got all of us eating out of the palm of his hand...

Just as he's always planned.

The Newest Grilling Chef

Hear Ye, Hear Ye!
After almost 24 years, I have officially grilled for the first time in my life!
(not by choice originally, but Hubs didn't seem into grilling a meal I'd prepared by myself...)

Since we've been married, I've been trying to broaden my horizons in the cooking department.
(but I'd been seriously slacking lately.)
So yesterday I decided to prepare a nice meal for Ty before Game 1 of his softball tournament began.

On the Menu:
Garlic and Herb Chicken
Grilled Garlic Potatoes
(ok...probably sounds like a lot of garlic, but it wasn't really, so ignore that part.)

Did I mention I grilled all by myself for the first time ever?! Woo Hoo!

Since Hubs is an avid hunter, he doesn't rate his meals in stars, or points or anything like that.
No way. He rates meals in terms of "bullet holes."
(I think its weird too, but just go with it.)
Wanna know what this meal was given?
4 out of 5 bullet holes.
Not too shabby for this little lady who's never grilled before.

Move over Food Network stars...I'll be collecting all your paychecks before too long :)

Monday, July 11, 2011

Reason #249 Why I Love My Husband

Little surprises like these are an often occurance at our house. 
(And no, not because Hubs did something wrong.)
Because he's just sweet like that, and likes to make me smile.
I was in kind of a bad mood on Friday (ok, not kind of...just a regular old, bad mood) and Ty brought these little beatuies home to make me feel better.
Guess what? It worked :)

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hubby's Newest Toy

Everybody needs a boat, right? (Perhaps according to MEN.)
  Well as of this afternoon, Hubs is a boat owner.

We bought this boat from my dad. Its old, and there's a lot of work that Ty says he needs to do to it.
But I can't helping picturing all the future memories that could be created on this boat.

Ty coming home with stories of how he caught a fish "that was THIS big!"
Me catching a fish that really will be "that big!"
Learning how to bait my own hook for once!
Ty laughing (or rolling his eyes) as I screech while trying to grab a cricket to bait that hook.
Reading and sunbathing on the boat while Hubs fishes.
Lazing around on a peaceful lake, listening to the waves.
Docking the boat after a morning of fishing and eating a picnic lunch at a park.
Taking our future kids on their first fishing trip.
Denying Everything when they catch fish "that were even bigger than Mom and Dad's!"

Maybe the men are on to something when they say that everybody needs a boat.

Wednesday, July 6, 2011

4th of July Hooplah...And a Broken Camera (For Real This Time)

Since I was probably 5 years old, my parents and I have gone to Coveleski Stadium to watch a baseball game and fireworks a few days before the 4th. Once Hubs and I started dating, he began coming with us. This year was no different.

They lost the game (bad), but we had fun and the fireworks were awesome.

On the 4th, we had a cookout at my parents and our own display of fireworks (which I must say, was WAY better than at the game.) Ty and I spent our life savings on our contribution to the show, and this is what we returned with:

Notice how happy he is? There's something about buying explosives that seems to make men very happy :)

We ate some yummy food, and then were treated to a "professional" football game. This was one of the highlights.

My dad was clearly trying to sack the QB, {while yelling and waving his arms around like a banshee}. Look how scared Ty was of the intimidating banshee!

WARNING: The next part of the story is VERY upsetting. Do not read of you are easily moved to tears.
 After the game, we all sat on the deck to rest and wait for it to get dark enough for the fireworks. I decided that in the spirit of Independence Day, Hubs and I should take a patriotic picture. Ty insisted that he take it himself.

I'm not the biggest fan of self-portraits, so I then asked my dad to take a picture from a little further away (big mistake.) Ty handed the camera to my dad, and somehow, in transition, my camera fell onto the deck with a loud CRASH. {And that is how my camera's life came to an end.}
It will not work at all anymore. This is not a mere issue of a full memory card. *Tear*
The camera will travel with me to the camera hospital later this week, where surgery will hopefully be performed and "Cammy" will be saved. Until then, the show had to go on, and my mom filled in with a picture of me and Ty with our sparklers, ready to kick off our awesome fireworks show.

The fireworks were awesome (which was good since we spent so much money on them.) And it was kind of like a tribute to "Cammy," who would have definitely loved to capture some of the magnificent explosions. 

**Updates of "Cammy's" health will be forthcoming.
***No fathers or husbands were harmed due to camera death.