Thursday, July 21, 2011

I Love Getting Mail! (Even if I ordered it and its not technically a surprise...)

Today I braved the 1000% humidity and walked out to the mailbox only to find the greatest mail EVER sitting inside. I present to you: Da Da Da Daaaaa! Bare Minerals.

After drooling over the infomercial for about the hundredth time, I finally gave in and ordered. I was amazed with all that came with my starter kit! I think I even did a little dance as I got each brush and pot out of powder out of the package. Of course, I had just done my makeup for the day, so I wasn't able to try it out right away. (I convinced myself that I would be pathetic if I ran to wash everything off just to apply my new Bare Minerals...even though I totally wanted to be pathetic.)

Luckily though, I needed a little touch up later in the day, since I had been working around the house and sweated most of my other makeup off. So I got to try out my amazing new cosmetics...(sad that I get so excited about this, huh?)

 I was pretty much done here, but took pictures to "reenact" the process.

Now, I may not look any different to you, but Hubs kept telling me how pretty he thought I looked in my new makeup. It really did a pretty good job of covering everything up, and 9 hours and a workout later, its still on and looks pretty good. (Pretty sure I should get some free product for this advertising I'm giving them.) So anyway, it was much more than I would normally spend on makeup, but a tiny bit really goes a long way, like on the infomercials, and it really does look good.

And the best part? In two months, I'll get a another little package in the mail with replacements! Woo Hoo!  (Yeah yeah, I know I have to pay for it, but whatever...its worth it! And quite a bit cheaper, since I won't need all the brushes and stuff.)
Getting mail is super fun!

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