Sunday, July 24, 2011


Today, Hubs planned on taking me to the beach to watch the sunset...which is my ALL-TIME favorite thing to do in the entire world. (He's a pretty sweet guy, even if he doesn't always put his laundry away in a timely fashion.) But when we walked outside after church today, we saw that this would obviously not be a possibility, since the sky was dark. Kinda hard to watch the sunset when its cloudy. I was pretty bummed. Hubs reassured me that he'd take me another night, but that he'd surprise me with something else today instead.

He ran to the store and came back later with supplies to make home-made M&M Blizzards...or as he dubbed the off-brand, "Snowstorms!" It was so sweet because this is my favorite summer snack (or anytime of the year snack, for that matter.)

He chopped up the M&Ms with a hammer, put them in the blender with the ice cream, chocolate sauce and a little bit of milk, and BAM! He made a delicious snack! (And a very happy wife.)
And now I can officially say that I've eaten ice cream out of a wine glass. How many of you can say that?

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  1. I called Lisa and asked her what happened to Ty's hand in that first picture? Now he has another excuse for why he doesn't put away his laundry!!!