Wednesday, March 18, 2015

fun day at work

Last Friday, we had a Professional Development day at work.
No kids.
Just staff.

We have a couple of these a year and this one was focused on "team building." We spent the day doing different activities to build relationships and morale.

My favorite activity of the day by FAR was when we got to go to Gym class. We spent 45 minutes learning how to shoot a bow and arrow, and then shot arrows at ISTEP booklets...because standardized testing is for the birds!

This was my first attempt. I was so proud...but then I got even better as I kept shooting.

Apparently I'm left-eye dominant, so I was the only one who had to use the left-handed bow. It was a little awkward because my left arm is basically useless...I do pretty much nothing with it. But I got the hang of it and was eventually shooting from 20 yards. And STILL hitting the target each time haha!

I was all pumped to tell Ty (Mr. Bow & Arrow Man) how awesome I did and tell him that I now want a bow to just do target practice in the back yard.

The only downfall was when I held the bow wrong and hit myself in the arm with the string. It bruised up pretty nice though, so I was able to say I got a sports injury.

I also learned how to play the that's cool too.

All in all, it was a super fun day. Fun to spend time with my coworkers and "taking back the school." This time of year is tough as a teacher. You're so close to the end...but still so far. Spring Break is in sight, but it's at the end of a LONG tunnel that's filled with parent teacher conferences, testing, report cards, standards, etc. So it was a much appreciated day. 

And we got to wear jeans...which is always a plus in my book!

xoxo, wife

Wednesday, March 11, 2015

dear husband,

Thank you.

Thank you for taking care of me while I was sick.
Thanks for calling every day on your way home to ask if I needed anything.
For buying me ice cream for my sore throat.
For offering to take me to the doctor, because you know doctors freak me out.
Thank you for asking if I needed extra blankets.
For allowing me to sleep in our bed while you took the guest bed.
For telling me countless times that you hoped I felt better soon.
For kissing me on my knee because you wanted to kiss me...but didn't want to get germs.
Thank you for not making fun of me for watching 12 hours of the Kardashians in 2 days.
Thanks for doing the grocery shopping while I was sick on the couch.
For not complaining that I didn't do laundry over the weekend.
For letting me get germs all over your computer while I wrote sub plans.
For bringing me ibuprofen when I needed it.
Thanks for buying me countless bottles of Powerade.
For buying me weird health drinks that I refused to try.
Thanks for encouraging me to rest and not overdo it.
For listening to me whine and complain for 4 days.
For getting me a cold cloth for my head when I had a fever.
For coming to check on me after I'd gone to bed.
Thank you for not totally complaining when I took 4 hot showers on Sunday because my fever made me freeze to death.
Thanks for loving me even when I looked like....well...really bad.
Thanks for asking if I was okay while having a coughing fit.
Thanks for encouraging me to stay home again today. Even though I wanted to get back to work, you knew I still didn't feel well, and it meant a lot that you weren't pressuring me to get back to work, and that you knew I could use another day of rest. (Around 8:30 this morning, I was really wishing I'd taken you up on that offer!)

You're a good husband. And I want you to know that I appreciate all these little things you did while strep throat kicked my butt. I love you.

xoxo, wife.

Monday, March 9, 2015


Today is Monday. I came home a few hours early from work on Friday and haven't left the house since.
It started with some kind of stomach bug.
Then it morphed into a sore throat and fever.
Then morphed into a cold.
And then morphed back into the stomach bug combined with the sore throat.

I thought at one point last night that I was going to die. In fact, I even told Ty, "I think I'm dying."
But he's done a great job of taking care of me. Calling to see if I need anything. Asking if he can make me some food...answer: NO. Putting a cold cloth on my head to help with my fever. Offering to take me to the doctor. He even went to the store before work to get some more ice cream for me.

I've watched embarrassing amounts of tv.
The only thing I've really been able to keep down is ice cream.
I've consumed about 10 bottles of Powerade.
There is a disgusting amount of used tissues on the coffee table next to me.


My fever has been gone for about 10 hours.
I'm slowly starting to feel better.
I'm planning to try to eat some solid food here in a bit.
I'd like to try to vacuum the house...because I literally can't take the cat hair anymore.
I've been trying to sit up more than lay down today.
I got a sweet message from my sub telling me how much my students miss me.
And I've had this sweet guy to keep me company.

It's so rare for him to lay ON one of us. But he's been laying on or near me almost constantly the past few days. They say animals have a sixth sense about their humans and how they're feeling. I'd say that must be true for Bubba.

Here's hoping I can keep some food down, keep the fever away, and return to work tomorrow.

xoxo, wife

Tuesday, March 3, 2015


Things are changing around this old bloggy blog of mine. From now on, all my school-related posts will be on a separate blog. I've been debating this change for awhile, and I've come up with several reasons to add another blog.

1. If you're not an educator, you may not have any interest in what's going on in my classroom. Here, you can read solely about what's going on in my "real life" and in my brain. (Why you're interested in that is beyond me though...)

2. I strive to keep my "real life" and my work life separate. It's taken 3 and a half years to get this balance, but I want to maintain it. I spend so much time at work, that I feel like this blog often ends up being all about school, and not about me and my marriage, which is what this blog was created for.

3. I have some big goals when it comes to teaching. I've been really motivated lately to be a highly qualified teacher. I want to be a teacher that others try to be like, or get ideas from. I strive to become Teacher of the Year some year, and I want to be a mentor for other teachers. I want to continue to grow my Teachers Pay Teachers business and create resources that other teachers want to purchase and use in their own classroom. For all those reasons, I want to create a separate blog where I can eventually attract other teachers. (I realize this will take a LONG while to do, but I'm up for the challenge.)

If you're interested in following along on my teaching journey, you can check out my new blog, Our Day in K. You can follow it just like you do with this one. From now on, this blog will just be about my regular old life and thoughts I have floating around in my head. As always, if we're Facebook friends, you'll find silly quotes and stories from the school day on there.

I'm looking forward to this new journey, and to sharing it with you, if you care to follow along.

xoxo, wife.

Sunday, March 1, 2015

dino week

This was the most fun week! This is the first year I've ever taught about dinosaurs and we had so much fun!

Monday was our intro to dinosaurs. We talked about what we knew (which was mostly from watching Jurassic Park.) Then we talked about the fact that they are all extinct. One smarty asked, "If they're all dead, then how do we know anything about them? So I was able to bust out this cool visual for them. I found this awesome T-Rex at Walmart for $5! We talked about how the dinosaurs died, and then all that was left was the bones. And that scientists can study those bones to find out things about them. The reaction while I peeled the skin off this guy was priceless. A mix between horror and fascination. Then the same smarty asked, "What happened to the skin? Where did it go?" I was not about to explain decomposition to 5 year olds (I don't want to terrify them about what happens to things when they die!) So I just said, "Well, it just kind of goes away after awhile." They seemed to think that was an acceptable answer.

Tuesday we learned all about carnivores and herbivores. We put food in each dino's belly based on what kind of dinosaur he was. We did some research and learned that carnivores had sharp teeth and walked on two legs. Herbivores had flat teeth and walked on all four legs. So the rest of the day, each time the kiddos saw a dinosaur, they were analyzing it to see whether it was a carnivore or an herbivore! So fun!

Then we did some writing based on our research!

Wednesday was for learning about paleontologists. We learned about the different tools these scientists use to help dig up bones and study them. One tool we learned about was a magnifying glass. So we got to be student-paleontologists and use magnifying glasses to get an up-close look at our dinosaurs! (This was a hit!)

Thursday was all about the T-Rex. Throughout the week, he was clearly the class favorite, so we did some in-depth learning about them.

Friday was time to wrap it all up. We reviewed what fossils are and then we got to make our own! I got this tub of Crayola Air-Dry Clay. I gave each student a scoop of clay and they got to push their dinosaur into it. We're letting them dry over the weekend, and then each student will have their very own fossil to take home! They loved this!

We also examined a life-size dinosaur footprint. We estimated how many of our feet it would take to equal a dinosaur foot. Then we experimented by putting our shoes in it. It took 33 of our shoes!

 They wanted to take a "foot picture," so I obliged. Now I'm looking at it and realizing how many of them are wearing mismatched socks haha!

We ended our dino week with writing. I asked students to write as many facts about dinosaurs as they could.

"Dinosaurs are dead. Carnivores eat any kind of meat. Herbivores eat plants. All kind of dinosaurs lays eggs. Carnivore eats turkey. Herbivore eats flowers."

The major take-away this week is that they're dead. But I'm about to teach you something new:

To be a dinosaur, you have to:
-Lay eggs
-Walk on toes
- Have an s-curved neck
- Have skin or feathers (no fur)

So we learned that chickens are modern-day dinosaurs. The freaked out about this!

And that concludes Dino Week 2015. 
(Congrats if you made it to the end of this long post!)

xoxo, Mrs. Miller

saw it. pinned it. did it #4

Woah I'm on a roll with doing things I've pinned on Pinterest, huh? I've already done 4 in the last 2 months (she says sarcastically.)

Anyway, here was my problem:

I have TONS of gift cards. Tons. And I'm excited to use them. The thing is, I didn't really have any good storage for them. My mom had gotten me this little case that holds gift cards, but I had so many, that it didn't even shut anymore. And there were so many jammed in there that it was hard to actually see what I had. 

Then I found a pin on Pinterest that solved my problem. And all I needed was a hole punch and a key-ring, both of which I already had on-hand.

All I had to do was punch a hole in each card (careful not to punch on the strip that they run through the card-reader) and then put it on the key-ring. And that was that.

Now I can easily flip through them and take off what I need when I need it. I also made one for my rewards cards from different stores. I even put the ones off my keychain on it, and now my keys are less bulky.

Lesson I learned during this project: 
1. Gift cards are thick. You have to have a lot of hand strength to do this more than once. Your hands will be VERY sore when this is all said and done.
2. It's okay to yell bad words when you're trying to punch holes into these incredibly thick long as no one is home to year you yell them.

Suddenly I feel like a shopping spree followed by dinner and dessert and coffee...oh wait, I can do all those things because I have gift cards!

xoxo, wife.