Monday, March 9, 2015


Today is Monday. I came home a few hours early from work on Friday and haven't left the house since.
It started with some kind of stomach bug.
Then it morphed into a sore throat and fever.
Then morphed into a cold.
And then morphed back into the stomach bug combined with the sore throat.

I thought at one point last night that I was going to die. In fact, I even told Ty, "I think I'm dying."
But he's done a great job of taking care of me. Calling to see if I need anything. Asking if he can make me some food...answer: NO. Putting a cold cloth on my head to help with my fever. Offering to take me to the doctor. He even went to the store before work to get some more ice cream for me.

I've watched embarrassing amounts of tv.
The only thing I've really been able to keep down is ice cream.
I've consumed about 10 bottles of Powerade.
There is a disgusting amount of used tissues on the coffee table next to me.


My fever has been gone for about 10 hours.
I'm slowly starting to feel better.
I'm planning to try to eat some solid food here in a bit.
I'd like to try to vacuum the house...because I literally can't take the cat hair anymore.
I've been trying to sit up more than lay down today.
I got a sweet message from my sub telling me how much my students miss me.
And I've had this sweet guy to keep me company.

It's so rare for him to lay ON one of us. But he's been laying on or near me almost constantly the past few days. They say animals have a sixth sense about their humans and how they're feeling. I'd say that must be true for Bubba.

Here's hoping I can keep some food down, keep the fever away, and return to work tomorrow.

xoxo, wife

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