Tuesday, November 7, 2017

Date Night During Hunting Season

Our marriage has evolved quite a bit in seven and a half years. There was a bit of a learning curve in the beginning...especially in prioritizing our time. I'm an introvert and a homebody by nature, and love nothing more than spending nearly all my free time at home...or shopping! But I married my total opposite. Ty loves to be out and doing things often, especially his favorite hobbies: hunting and softball. We've both become better at prioritizing the important things in the last few years. I've come to accept (and even enjoy) that he will spend a good chunk of the fall up in a tree stand, and he's been better at making time for me when he's not.

A couple months ago (before hunting season even started), he told me to keep November 5th free. He had gotten tickets for us to go see Whose Line Is It Anyway at a local theater.

"But that's during hunting season, " I said.

"I know. I purposely planned it that way. I wanted to make sure I made time for you and we did something fun even during prime hunting season."

It may not seem like a big deal to most. But to know that he'd thought about it ahead of time and purposely planned it meant a lot to me. And it was a good time.


Saturday, September 24, 2016

Couples Survey

What are your middle names?
Matthew and NiCole

How long have you been together?
Since April 2007

Who asked who out?
I kept hinting that I wanted him to ask me out, but I think he was chicken! So I finally asked him if he wanted to go out to dinner and a movie over Christmas Break. He was the one that asked me to be his girlfriend though.

Do you have children together?

Abby and Bubba

Did you go to the same school?
Different high schools, same college.

Who is the most sensitive?
I think it depends on the day and the situation. We can both be pretty sensitive.

Who has the worst temper?
He does. Unless it's a certain time of the month...then I probably take the cake in the temper department haha!

Who does the cooking?
We don't really like the same foods, so he cooks his own food, and I cook my own food. On the rare occasion that we eat the same thing, we kind of take turns on who cooks it.

Who is the neat freak?
Unfortunately, neither of us. I think I get on him more often though about cleaning up after himself. "Just put your dishes IN the sink instead of NEXT to it" is something I feel like I say quite often. I'm better at cleaning as I go. He's better at deep cleaning all in one day. I notice clutter. He notices dust and cobwebs.

Who hogs the bed?
Abby! She sleeps wherever the heck she wants to...including on our pillows. She likes to lay with her head on my pillow, and her butt on Ty's. Now if you ask who the blanket hog is...that would be me haha!

Who wakes up earlier?
Me (unless it's hunting season...then he's up way earlier than any human should be.)

Where was your first date?
Ty picked me up and we went to see "We Are Marshall" at the movie theater, and then we went to Outback Steakhouse for dinner afterward. We had to wait so long for our food to be served that they gave us a certificate for a free Bloomin' Onion.

Who has the bigger family?

Do you get flowers often?
Yes :)

Who eats more?
Ty definitely eats more...I definitely eat worse.

Who does the laundry?
Me...he'll help out occasionally as needed. He's the only one allowed to do his hunting laundry though!

Who's better with the computer?

Who drives when you are together? 
Usually Ty. Unless he doesn't know how to get where we're going...then I'll drive.

Who picks where you go to dinner?
Me. I'm picky...Ty will eat pretty much wherever. He normally gives me some parameters though, "No Pizza Hut, no Fazoli's."

Who's the first one to admit when they're wrong?
Usually Ty.

Who wears the pants in the relationship?
I think it's pretty equal.

Who has more tattoos?
Ty has more.

Who eats more sweets?

Who loves who more?
I love him more. Just kidding :)

Sunday, September 18, 2016


Ever since I got my first pedicure, I've been begging Ty to go with me to get one. I knew he would enjoy it, if for no other reason than the foot/leg massage. But every time I asked him, he said no.

Then the other day he told me that on Saturday, I could pick whatever I wanted to do, since hunting season is about to begin and he won't be around as much, especially on the weekends. I started thinking of going to a movie, or something like that. But he said, "So if you want to go get a pedicure or whatever, I guess I would do that."

Ding ding ding! Finally!

Well when Saturday morning finally came, I was super tired and did NOT want to get out of bed. But then I realized that this may be the only time he would ever offer to go, so I promptly got out of bed!

He was reluctant (especially when I wanted to take a selfie outside the salon), but he was a good sport. When we walked in, he was amazed at how huge the place was, and also made a comment about the smell of the chemicals and nail dust and stuff.

He turned his massage chair on and seemed to enjoy that. Then he noticed that there was football on the tv and said, "I might be able to get used to this!" I had to laugh when the lady who was doing his feet had to go back into the back room and get an industrial cheese grater thing for his calluses! We joked about it for awhile. They asked us if we wanted to do a paraffin wax treatment, because it would be good for his heels, and we decided to go ahead and try it. He really liked that part, and the massage part...which I've been telling him for years that he would love.

I asked him if he would go again. He said, "I wouldn't want to make a habit out of it, but I'd go every once in awhile."

Saturday, September 17, 2016

A Stitch in Time

Yes, I know it's been over a year since I posted anything.
No, I don't have any great excuses.

Now that I got that out of the way, let's move on, because there's a lot of "life" that needs to be documented around these parts.

Last Saturday was a rough day. We got a phone call that morning about the sudden and tragic death of Ty's younger cousin. Later that day, Ty wanted to go work in the woods, because that is the place where he can de-stress and talk to God about stuff.

I had just run to the grocery store and was putting the groceries away when he called me and said that he had been in a tree cutting branches (or something like that) with his saw when he slipped, and the saw cut his thumb. He had only been out there working for about 25 minutes.

He came home and we tried to decide if he actually needed stitches, because it wasn't bleeding anymore. I finally talked him into it, if for no other reason than he obviously needed a tetanus shot. So we headed out to urgent care, which turned out to be not so urgent about caring for us. We were there for almost 4 hours by the time all was said and done. I'm proud to say that I sat there and watched the whole thing and didn't even pass out! The worst part was when he got the lidocaine shot in his thumb...that was kind of hard to watch.

Because the cut was on his thumb, he had to wear a splint while the stitches did their thing. Then after 7 days, we were able to go back and get them taken out. This time thankfully, we were moved to the front of the line because all we were doing was removing stitches. So we were in and out within 20 minutes.

The doctor said it looked really good, and to keep it wrapped and wear the splint a few more days while the scar continues to heal. Hopefully the scar will be a good reminder to use one of the 10 pairs of work gloves he has in the future.

Sunday, July 5, 2015

4th of july recap 2015

Another year of 4th of July festivities are behind us now. Here's the photo dump:

On the 2nd, we headed out to the local minor league baseball stadium to take in our annual baseball game and fireworks.

We didn't really do much on the 3rd. Ty and I each had some separate errands to run. And I baked some lemon bars to take to a cookout the next day.

On the 4th it was time for a cookout with the family at my parents' house.

After the cookout it was a mad dash to run home and let Abby out, then head back to my parents to go to a local motor speedway to watch the Carnival of Chaos!

I can definitely say it was a good weekend!

xoxo, wife

Friday, July 3, 2015

bonfire shenanigans

Last night Ty announced he was going to start a fire out in the backyard. It was pretty chilly and my toes were cold, so I was all game!

Could she get ANY cuter? She's scared of fires though, so she didn't last very long.

Being silly.

We sat and talked until it was dark, the fire began to die down, and we started to get cold. I love spending quality time with this guy!

xoxo, wife

Wednesday, June 24, 2015

things i'm loving lately

Trying to catch the cat smelling the flowers.

Going to let the dog back in and finding her laying on the chair outside.

Evening snuggles with my main man!

Spending my summer days painting wood signs.

My new sander. It's my very first power tool!

It creates work that looks like this!

Trying on silly hats at Notre Dame.

 Hearing that Ty's tournament team LOVED my chicken meatballs, and ate all 6 pounds of them!

Pulling over to take a picture of the sun setting over the cornfields...because it's so pretty that I can't resist.

 And catching my husband sleeping with his hand is down the back of his pants. Apparently he fell asleep while scratching his butt.

That's what I'm loving lately.
How about you?

xoxo, wife.