Sunday, February 27, 2011

An Admirable Act...that I Cannot Relate to.

At church last week, our youth pastor relayed the following fact to our congregation: Over 8,000 children die EVERY DAY from hunger. Because of this, our senior high youth decided to raise money and participate in a 30 Hour Famine this weekend. Ty is one of the youth leaders, so yesterday at one o'clock, he stopped eating for the next 30 hours. The youth had a lock-in, where they kept themselves busy and tried to keep their minds off their hunger. Then the kicker came this morning: 24 hours into this challenge, Ty and the youth group served food at the Faith Mission. I can't imagine how hard that must have been to do, having gone so long without food. They've continued their fasting throughout the day, and should be nearing the end of it here in the next half an hour or so.

The kicker is, I've been sitting here all day admiring my husband, and thinking about how proud I am of him. And you know what I just did? Ate some frozen pizza for dinner! So I am appreciative of two things this evening.

1. That Ty and the youth group were so selfless this weekend, and worked for a fantastic cause.

2. I was able to donate money to the cause last week, and didn't have to sacrifice my meals this week. (Terrible, I know, but I don't know if I would've had the strength to do it.)

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Romance Doesn't Die After Marriage!

Everybody always says that all the romance disappears after the wedding. Well I am pleased to announce that this is not the case at our house! Last night, I had a very romantic surprise Valentine's Dinner. Ty asked me to go into the bedroom and read my Kindle while he made dinner. (I didn't know what we were having.) While I was reading, I could hear some strange noises, and smell some delicious smells. I sat there reading and waiting for what seemed like forever, since I was so excited about what was going on out there! When I was finally allowed to come out, I was in for a surprise.

Ty had prepared a candlelight dinner for us! He had gone out and gotten a red table cloth, Valentine's decorations, napkins, and gorgeous NEW RED PLATES! He had cooked up a delicious meal of chicken alfredo, garlic bread, and green beans, and even had a fantastic bottle of champagne chilling on the table! It was so romantic, that I was shaking in my romance pants! I'm so lucky to have a husband that realizes that girls love Valentine's Day. Even though he lets me know daily how much he loves me, it meant a lot that he was willing to go to all that trouble to show me last night!  <3 you Tylan!

Friday, February 11, 2011

Holy Couch!

When we moved into our new house, we definitely knew we wanted to buy a new couch and chair. Pretty much all of our furniture has been handed down to us. So about 6 weeks ago, we ordered a couch and chair, and they are finally arriving tomorrow. We decided to move the old couch down to the basement, so the La-Z-Boy guys could just put the new ones in its place. Now, I'm not the strongest of people, but the couch is somewhat light, so I was ready to help. Because of the layout of our house, we couldn't just take it all the way downstairs. We had to take it outside, down the deck, through the garage, and into the basement. So we took off the legs to make it fit through the door more easily. Then Ty remembered that when we moved, we had to take the downstairs door off for the other couch to fit through, so he took the door off. We finally start moving it...and low and still won't fit through the doorway! There is literally no way for us to get this stinkin' couch into the basement.

Needless to say, we now have comfortable seating in our garage until we can figure somewhere to put it and a way to put it there. Ugh.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

It's the Little Things

So I'm sitting on the couch right now, working on some stuff for work. I look over, and Ty's sitting in his favorite green chair, in his boxers, watching one of his favorite shows, and lets out a huge fart, declaring, "Well, that's gonna smell!" While this would normally gross me out to the max, and I would make some snide comment about how disgusting he is, and I wish he could contain himself, this time it was different. I mean, he's sitting here right now in his underwear for crying out loud...something I would definitely never do, and he let a huge one rip...something I also would never do. I realize how comfortable he must be with me to be able to do these things, and even though its 100% disgusting, its somewhat of a comfort to me too. Its the little things like looking over at my farting, boxer-clad husband, that make me realize how completely comfortable and content I am with my marriage.

Its kind of sad that it takes boxers and farting to remind me of this, but sometimes its the little things that make all the difference.

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Backward Celebration

Well it seems that all is right in the world...the Packers won the Superbowl. I was laying in bed watching it, while Ty was downstairs watching it with his Dad. After the glorious win, Ty bounded upstairs hooting and hollering. He then declared that he was going to shave his goatee into a G in celebration, and would wear it to work the next day. I was mildly amused and said ok.

He took his little shaver down to the bathroom and was in there for about 30 minutes. He came up and announced that I had to see it because it was so awesome. I had to stare at it for a minute, before I realized what had happened. "Its backwards!" I declared. He insisted that it was definitely NOT backwards. "I even used the mirror, so I'd see it the way other people would see it!" he said. I then had to be the one to inform him that mirrors don't work like that! He finally realized the mistake he'd made, and sadly retreated back to the bathroom to shave off the rest of his facial hair, and now looks like he's 10.

The funny part is, that if it wouldn't have been backwards, it would have been pretty much the perfect G! Its little things like this that make me smile and realize why I love him so much, because he's not perfect. :)

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Date Night!

Ty and I decided to have a good, old-fashioned date night last night. We wanted to see dinner and a movie. The plan was to go to dinner at our favorite restaurant, Olive Garden, and then see "The Roommate."

So we get to Olive Garden at 6, and of course there's no way we can get in within the next 2 hours...there's not even a parking spot for us. So we end up going to Bob Evans, or as I like to call it, "The Old People Place." But the food was good, so my mood quickly cheered up.

We then hightailed it to the theater, and when we walked in, there were about 150-200 teenagers just milling about in the lobby. We thought it was weird, but approached the ticket counter. Upon purchasing our tickets for the movie, the cashier warned us that all of the teenie boppers in the lobby were waiting to see this movie. Apparently, PG-13 horror movies are the place to be if you're in high school. We were a little wary about it, but the guy told us that if it was really bad, they would refund our money, so we decided to take a chance.

Needless to say, the kids talked the whole time, had cell phones out, and kept getting up and walking around throughout the entire movie, but I didn't really care. I was just so happy to be sitting with my husband, watching a good movie. I suppose kids will be kids, but why let it bother me, when I'm with the one I love? Even though it didn't go quite as planned, Date Night was a lot of fun, and I can't wait until the next one.

Thursday, February 3, 2011

New Wife

I've officially been married for 8 and a half months. And while there have been many ups and downs even this early on, the main thing I strive to do is be the best wife I can be. This is tough for two reasons.

1. I was an only child growing up.

Because of this, I am unaware of how to share things. I thought I mastered this skill in preschool, but apparently it doesn't stick unless you have to share for more than 12 hours a week. I don't like to share my pillow, my Hawaiian Punch, my hot water, and other various things. But I'm working on it :)

2. I was sheltered growing up.

While I love my parents more than any daughter has ever loved her parents and I'm very close with them, I'm the first one to admit that I was too protected and babied as I grew up. I'm not talking about being spoiled with toys and clothes and cars (because that is an entirely different issue, and I do not believe I was any more spoiled than any of my friends with siblings), I'm talking about life skills. When I got married, I was unable to cook anything other than Kraft mac and cheese, PB&J, and hot dogs. (Ok, it wasn't QUITE that bad...but seriously close.) I also didn't understand how medical and car insurance works, and had no clue about how to go about applying for a loan to buy our first house.

But I think I've grown a little in the last 8 months. We've recently bought a brand new SUV, bought an amazing house, I finished college and have gotten my first full-time job in my chosen field, and I've recently picked up a new hobby...COOKING! We now have a variety of dinners to choose from each night, instead of my three former staples. I probably sound so completely incompetant and stupid, but I'm really trying here. And I really just want to be the best wife and make my husband happy and proud :)