Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Romance Doesn't Die After Marriage!

Everybody always says that all the romance disappears after the wedding. Well I am pleased to announce that this is not the case at our house! Last night, I had a very romantic surprise Valentine's Dinner. Ty asked me to go into the bedroom and read my Kindle while he made dinner. (I didn't know what we were having.) While I was reading, I could hear some strange noises, and smell some delicious smells. I sat there reading and waiting for what seemed like forever, since I was so excited about what was going on out there! When I was finally allowed to come out, I was in for a surprise.

Ty had prepared a candlelight dinner for us! He had gone out and gotten a red table cloth, Valentine's decorations, napkins, and gorgeous NEW RED PLATES! He had cooked up a delicious meal of chicken alfredo, garlic bread, and green beans, and even had a fantastic bottle of champagne chilling on the table! It was so romantic, that I was shaking in my romance pants! I'm so lucky to have a husband that realizes that girls love Valentine's Day. Even though he lets me know daily how much he loves me, it meant a lot that he was willing to go to all that trouble to show me last night!  <3 you Tylan!

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  1. I would do this daily if time and money weren't a problem! You deserve this and so much more!!