Friday, February 11, 2011

Holy Couch!

When we moved into our new house, we definitely knew we wanted to buy a new couch and chair. Pretty much all of our furniture has been handed down to us. So about 6 weeks ago, we ordered a couch and chair, and they are finally arriving tomorrow. We decided to move the old couch down to the basement, so the La-Z-Boy guys could just put the new ones in its place. Now, I'm not the strongest of people, but the couch is somewhat light, so I was ready to help. Because of the layout of our house, we couldn't just take it all the way downstairs. We had to take it outside, down the deck, through the garage, and into the basement. So we took off the legs to make it fit through the door more easily. Then Ty remembered that when we moved, we had to take the downstairs door off for the other couch to fit through, so he took the door off. We finally start moving it...and low and still won't fit through the doorway! There is literally no way for us to get this stinkin' couch into the basement.

Needless to say, we now have comfortable seating in our garage until we can figure somewhere to put it and a way to put it there. Ugh.

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