Friday, July 15, 2011

Reason #351 Why I Love My Husband

When Ty came home from work today, I asked him if he liked my outfit. (New clothes I bought yesterday.) To which he mildly responded, "Yeah." Then I asked him if he liked my hair, which I curled today especially for him. (Cuz he likes that.) Again, a mild, "Yeah." I had been pretty pumped about my new clothes and hair, so I was mildly bummed. Then, a few minutes later, he said, "Did you do your makeup differently today?" Astounded that he would actually notice that, I answered, "Yeah. I did my eyes differently today, and I'm wearing my new lipstain I got yesterday."

A little bit later, I went to sit down on the chair to smooch him a little, and he said, "I really think your eyes look good babe." I love how its the little things he notices, like my eye makeup...not the things I'm concerned about, like my new clothes or my hairstyle.

**PS. Now we all know how I'm wearing my eye makeup from now on :)

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