Saturday, July 16, 2011

"Didn't That Go Out of Style in Like, the 80's?"

The shopping bug bit me hard this week. 
I spent a good deal of time at TJ Maxx earlier this week and go some really cute stuff.
Today I decided to go out shopping as well, and hit up a local thrift store.
Now, I've never been much of a thrift-store go-er before, but I thought I'd give it a shot.
Surprisingly, I found a few great things. 
I got 2 pairs of pants for work, 2 skirts, and a blazer for $22.00.

One of my favorite things about Hubs is that he likes (or pretends to like) when I show him all the stuff I bought on my shopping trips. 
I decided to show him my favorite thrift store purchase (which I was totally pumped about).
Adorable tan pleated skirt:
To which Hubs responds, "Didn't that go out of style in like, the 80's?"
Instantly bummed me out.
I thought it was cute.
Then Hubs told me he thought it was cute too, but he just didn't know if pleats were still in style or not.
Yeah, yeah...whatever.
But I don't care what he thinks.
I'm going to wear my outdated tan pleated skirt like its going out of style.
Get it? Going out of style? know its funny.

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  1. Cute cute! I would totally wear that. Glad to hear you found some great (and cheap) items..nothing beats that :)