Sunday, July 10, 2011

Hubby's Newest Toy

Everybody needs a boat, right? (Perhaps according to MEN.)
  Well as of this afternoon, Hubs is a boat owner.

We bought this boat from my dad. Its old, and there's a lot of work that Ty says he needs to do to it.
But I can't helping picturing all the future memories that could be created on this boat.

Ty coming home with stories of how he caught a fish "that was THIS big!"
Me catching a fish that really will be "that big!"
Learning how to bait my own hook for once!
Ty laughing (or rolling his eyes) as I screech while trying to grab a cricket to bait that hook.
Reading and sunbathing on the boat while Hubs fishes.
Lazing around on a peaceful lake, listening to the waves.
Docking the boat after a morning of fishing and eating a picnic lunch at a park.
Taking our future kids on their first fishing trip.
Denying Everything when they catch fish "that were even bigger than Mom and Dad's!"

Maybe the men are on to something when they say that everybody needs a boat.

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