Monday, September 17, 2012

my secret life dream

I love my job.
Like, seriously love.
I look forward to getting up in the morning and going to work.
It's never boring, and I feel good about what I do at the end of the day.
And I've worked really hard to get to where I'm at right now.
But I also have another possible dream for my life that I don't talk about much at all.
This dream would take place in the {near-ish} future. 

There are two components of this dream.

Number 1:
Be a stay at home mom.

I love the idea of having kids and getting to be there for ALL their milestones.
I want to create daily routines with them, like rocking in the rocking chair in the morning, folding their little clothes at nap time, running errands with a baby strapped to me in one of those swaddle-thingies, noon-time walks in the stroller, cleaning the house while a sleeping baby lies in the swing, plenty of time to marvel at each new stage of their lives, meeting Daddy outside when he comes home from work, etc.

I was blessed enough that my Mom was able to stay home with me for the majority of my childhood, and those are precious moments that I remember and cherish. I'd love to have that with my kids.
At this point in my life, I don't want to have kids yet because I don't want to think about sending them to daycare, or some other babysitter who will get to "steal" all those precious moments that I want to be the one to experience. At this 25-year-old moment, my brain thinks, "Why have kids if we're going to be away from them all the time?" (Not that there's anything wrong with working parents...I'll likely be one as well...this is just my opinion at this moment.) And that is my main reason for wanting to wait awhile before starting a family. I'm hoping that my opinion on that will eventually change, because as I said, I enjoy what I do now.
But to be totally honest, just thinking about being a stay at home mom makes me smile.

Number 2:
Have some sort of "crafty business" that I run out of my home.

I realize that I will probably never be able to be a stay at home mom just because of monetary reasons.
IF I were ever blessed enough to be able to do that, I'd feel terrible about not bringing in any kind of income.
Yes, I'd try to do my best to SAVE money for my family, but I'd also like to contribute as well.
This is where my "crafty business" would come in.
I'd like to think that I can be crafty.
And I'd like to think that other people could enjoy the crafty things I might make.
I'd love to have some kind of Etsy store or something like that, where I can make things, and people could buy them.
The only detail I haven't come up with would be what to make.

Wedding Gift Handstamped Necklace - Pearl Bride and Groom Names


Burlap around a styrofoam wreath, house numbers from Lowes, and dried moss around a letter initial from a craft store!

I'm not sure. 
I just know I would love making things.
And having people like those things enough to buy them would be even better!

Do I think that this secret dream of mine (being a stay at home mom with a crafty home business) will ever come true?
97% sure it never will.
And I will be 100% content if it never does, because I will know it's not meant to be.
But that doesn't mean that I can't think about it, right?

xoxo, wife.

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  1. If I can ever get a job to make this happen know I will! In the mean time guess you'll have to settle haha! :)