Sunday, October 5, 2014

friday night date night.

Hunting season is upon us.
That means that whenever my hubby isn't out hunting, we're gonna be spending some quality time together.
So Friday night (rainy) was officially Date Night.
We started by going to a restaurant we'd never been to: Scotty's Brewhouse.

These mini corndogs...OMG.

I was also excited because I ordered a strawberry shake. Because of Breast Cancer Awareness month, it came in a special glass that I got to keep! (I tuned out everything after that...which was basically that you had to pay $2 extra in order to get the glass. But still. I like to get new stuff!)

Then we headed to a movie: Gone Girl.
I read the book so naturally I had to see the movie. If you're planning to see it, I will warn you that it's pretty dark and twisted. At one point Ty turned to me and said, "What did you bring me to?!"

Then Saturday was deemed "Lazy Saturday." It was still rainy (and COLD) so Ty stayed home from hunting again. We basically lazed around all day (aside from my grocery store run.) It was lovely. I love spending time with this guy. He makes me laugh, and makes my heart smile. I kinda love him.

xoxo, wife.


  1. Hope you have many many more date nights and lazy Saturdays. Did you really like Scotty's Brewhouse,
    I've wondered what it was like.

    1. Yeah it was really good. We definitely plan to go back someday.