Monday, October 13, 2014

i am capable of keeping a baby alive.

Sometimes I think people assume I'm not domestic enough to do certain things.
Like cook a fancy meal from scratch.
Like produce the perfect stain remover from household ingredients.
Like have my house in tip-top shape every day.

And maybe they're right. (Actually they probably are right, about that stuff at least.)

But one thing I CAN do, is keep another human alive. Especially little humans.
If you actually take time to think about it...that's kind of what I do for a living. Keep little humans alive. 22 of them to be exact.

And while those little humans aren't babies, I knew I could keep my 5 month-old nephew alive for a few hours the other day while my in-laws took my other nephew and niece out for some early-Halloween fun.

 Fun fact: I took a babysitting class at the hospital when I was 12. I passed with flying colors.

Case in point:

Bonding time. Watching Notre Dame and talking about life and stuff.


It may not look like he's still alive...but I promise he is.

Time spent building self-esteem by telling the baby how cute he is.

Manners lesson: how to fold our hands politely.

Naked anatomy lesson: how to find your toes and eat them. 

We even had some animal bonding time, where cat and kid played together in perfect harmony.

I fed the baby human. And then changed the baby human's diaper after that food promptly went right through him.

Friendship time.

And then he fell asleep for another few minutes before everyone returned.

During my 6ish hour stint as babysitter:

His mom called to check up on me.
My husband checked up on me.
And my father-in-law checked up on me.

In my forever quest to become more domestic, I hope I proved to the world that I can, in fact, take care of a baby for a few hours. He came away alive, fed, changed, entertained, and unharmed. (And I think he loves me more now than he did before. I think I'm his favorite aunt!)

xoxo, aunt lisa


  1. This blog was so sweet, I just loved it and I had no doubts about you being capable of doing
    anything that you want to do.

  2. Your brother in law did NOT check in with you because he had full faith and confidence that you could get the job done!!