Wednesday, June 24, 2015

things i'm loving lately

Trying to catch the cat smelling the flowers.

Going to let the dog back in and finding her laying on the chair outside.

Evening snuggles with my main man!

Spending my summer days painting wood signs.

My new sander. It's my very first power tool!

It creates work that looks like this!

Trying on silly hats at Notre Dame.

 Hearing that Ty's tournament team LOVED my chicken meatballs, and ate all 6 pounds of them!

Pulling over to take a picture of the sun setting over the cornfields...because it's so pretty that I can't resist.

 And catching my husband sleeping with his hand is down the back of his pants. Apparently he fell asleep while scratching his butt.

That's what I'm loving lately.
How about you?

xoxo, wife.

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