Tuesday, June 23, 2015

zoo date with the niece

If we're Facebook friends, you've already seen most of these pictures, and you're free to disregard this post. But in an effort to document my life, I'm going to post them to the old bloggity blog.

My in-laws like to have my niece and nephew come up for a week in the summer to stay with them all by themselves. This year, only Lydia (3 years old) is able to make it up, because Caleb is so busy with sports and camps. Lydia was here this past week, so Ty and I wanted to take her to do something special with just us. We decided on the zoo. She was so exicted when we picked her up!

I'd gone to the zoo a few weeks ago with my students for a field trip and it was so hot and muggy, that very few of the animals were even OUT, let alone active. This day is was about 76 degrees and it was perfect. The animals were much more active, which made it a lot more fun.

The flamingos were busy making their nests in the mud.

 The sea otters are definitely one of my favorites. I could stay there and watch them all day.

I love this one!

After the zoo, we walked across the parking lot and played at the playground.

We also got to ride the train at the zoo!

We were all pretty tired on the way home. She snuggled up with her new white tiger we bought her. We told her it was okay if she fell asleep, and within 30 seconds, she did. What a fun day!

We love you, Lydia! We're so glad we got to spend the day with you!

Love, aunt lisa

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