Sunday, September 18, 2016


Ever since I got my first pedicure, I've been begging Ty to go with me to get one. I knew he would enjoy it, if for no other reason than the foot/leg massage. But every time I asked him, he said no.

Then the other day he told me that on Saturday, I could pick whatever I wanted to do, since hunting season is about to begin and he won't be around as much, especially on the weekends. I started thinking of going to a movie, or something like that. But he said, "So if you want to go get a pedicure or whatever, I guess I would do that."

Ding ding ding! Finally!

Well when Saturday morning finally came, I was super tired and did NOT want to get out of bed. But then I realized that this may be the only time he would ever offer to go, so I promptly got out of bed!

He was reluctant (especially when I wanted to take a selfie outside the salon), but he was a good sport. When we walked in, he was amazed at how huge the place was, and also made a comment about the smell of the chemicals and nail dust and stuff.

He turned his massage chair on and seemed to enjoy that. Then he noticed that there was football on the tv and said, "I might be able to get used to this!" I had to laugh when the lady who was doing his feet had to go back into the back room and get an industrial cheese grater thing for his calluses! We joked about it for awhile. They asked us if we wanted to do a paraffin wax treatment, because it would be good for his heels, and we decided to go ahead and try it. He really liked that part, and the massage part...which I've been telling him for years that he would love.

I asked him if he would go again. He said, "I wouldn't want to make a habit out of it, but I'd go every once in awhile."

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