Wednesday, August 3, 2011

Dear Husband,

Thank you for being so supportive with my new job. The fact that I got hired as a first-year teacher, feel like I have no clue what I'm doing, and got hired with only two weeks to get ready has kinda freaked me out. I've been so overwhelmed, but you've been so amazingly helpful and have calmed me down a lot. I feel a lot more confident about this new chapter in my life since our little chat the other night...(you know, the one where you chatted, and I pretty much just sat there and cried because I was scared...).

I also wanted to let you know that I thoroughly enjoyed our shopping trip last night for school supplies.

It was so cute how you were keeping track of the total amount we were spending on your phone, and would then say, "Eh, go ahead and get three more boxes of crayons!" I appreciate that you are letting me spend what seems like our entire life savings to get my classroom ready. Even though you had to tell me, "You know we don't have to actually BUY you a whole classroom, right?" :)

And I want you to know that when you get a teaching job, I will be there for you, and we will go shopping and I can give you advice and stuff. That's the fun thing about being married to another teacher. We understand what the other one is going through. So anyway, thanks so much, and I love you tons!

Love, Lisa

P.S. Don't forget to make my HUGE bookshelf though. Remember, you PROMISED it would be done by next Tuesday!


  1. Congrats on the new job! Dad and I are proud of you and know you will do great. We are equally proud of Ty too. He has a good job and we know he is being responsible by keeping a job that is more dependable for now. We know he will be a teacher, but like a good husband and provider, he is waiting his turn. We can't wait for the day when you can both be doing what you love...TEACHING!!! Love, Mom :)

  2. Lisa...It's ok to be a bit overwhelmed, it all happened pretty fast. I'm sure some of your students will feel the same way the first few days. Be confident in your know what you're doing. You'll do fine.

    Mom & I are very proud of you!!

  3. the first year is definitely more overwhelming.. but have no fear because the next year won't be so bad. :) you'll already have a year of experience under your belt, you'll already have all the basic supplies, and you'll know what to expect for the coming year. and after the first week of class and you get to know your kids, you'll take off and teach those kids amazing things!! take some deep breaths and just remember that the kids are there to have fun and learn!! :)

    btw congrats!! where are you teaching anyway?? and how did i not hear about this jerk face?!?! :) jk jk... i'm SOOOOO happy for you lisa!! you'll be fabulous!!