Saturday, February 9, 2013

it's a good thing i like him...

I was getting ready to go out to get some new pants for work.
Ty was out doing something or other in the woods.
It was finally Saturday.
The sun was actually shining for once.
Was wearing my new shiny silver boat shoes (thanks mom.)
I had some good tunes ready to go on Pandora.
Had my shades on and was heading out the door.

Then the phone rang.

"Uh...babe? I'm gonna need you to do me a favor, because I just did something stupid."
"I'm gonna need you to bring my spare key out to the swamp property."
"You locked your keys in the truck?"

Well...that kinda put a damper in my plans.
You see, the stores I was heading to were nowhere NEAR the swamp property.
Because the swamp property was on the stinking state line!

(See what I did there? People who have no clue where I live will have no idea that I only live about 25 minutes from the state line. THOSE people will think that I had to drive hours to take him that dang key. I'm dramatic like that.)
But that's beside the point.
The POINT is that it was in the total opposite direction of where I was heading.
And once I delivered the key, it took me 45 minutes to get to the store.
He's lucky.
Lucky that I love him.
Lucky that the roads weren't bad.
Lucky that it wasn't a school day.
Lucky that the sun was out, so I was in a good mood.
Lucky that I had enough charge on my phone to play music for that long journey.
Lucky that I'm not even really the slightest bit upset that I had to go out there.
And that it's really not even a big deal at all.
Because he'd do it for me too.
xoxo, wife.

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