Sunday, February 3, 2013

the search for antique-y treasures.

Saturday, Ty and I ventured out in search of some new decorations for the house.
We've adopted a sort of county/rustic/antique-y look for our house.

We went to about 5 local places in search of some treasures.
One of the places was insane.
It had to be the craziest place I've ever been.
It would be a hoarder's nightmare.

Everywhere we walked, we had to walk sideways.
I was scared to death that I was going to knock something off a shelf with my purse and break it.
And then be forced to buy something really weird, just because I broke it.

I'm also very claustrophobic.
Which means I was having a rough time in here.
I mean seriously...there were drawers of pens and pencils from hotels and stuff!
Who would buy those?!
There were just TONS of things there.
Salt and pepper shakers. Jewelry. Books. Watches. Old photgraphs. Pamphlets.
Tea cups. Bottle caps. Buttons. EMPTY boxes...


And clearly, we all need nasty bed pans...right?
Amazingly, we did find some stuff we liked...and plan on going back someday.
We'd have to have about 5 hours to kill though!
Luckily, the rest of the places we went were easier to manuever through. 


And we ended up with some pretty neat stuff.
Of couse I bought the owls.
And they are now currently sitting on top of our new antique scale.

It was such a fun day date!
xoxo, wife.

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