Saturday, September 6, 2014

family reunion 2014

Every other year over Labor Day weekend, Ty's family has a big reunion at a camp about 45 minutes away. So this past weekend, we got ourselves a cabin, sent the dog to stay with my parents, and set out to have some family fun. Games, corn-hole tournament, auction, talent show, late nights, and lots of laughter. (Warning: there will now be about a million pictures.)

Friday Night: Sitting by the lake, watching our nephew Caleb swim with some cousins.

 This picture of Aunt Edna with her grandson, Luke, warms my heart. 

 I have to say these girls are my favorites...are you allowed to have favorites in your family? Well other than the immediate family, these two girls take the cake. Meet Holly and Emily. They're super sweet, super funny, and SUPER good at any game we happen to play. They live in Virginia, so the only time we get to see them is during this reunion. I'm always excited to hang out with them!

 I think we have a future model on our hands. As soon as Ty got out his camera, Lydia began striking poses all on her own!

Saturday: Cabin life. Thank goodness there was air-conditioning. I actually slept pretty well...until I had to walk 1/4 mile to go to the bathroom at 6am. After that I was pretty much awake.

Ty took me for a canoe ride after breakfast. 

Lydia and I played Dress Up with some of Aunt Edie's old jewelry.

 Corn-hole Tournament time!

And Team Miller won the whole shebang! Corn-hole Champs right there.
And I scored a whopping 6 whole points the ENTIRE tournament. 
So clearly I'm an asset to have around for a game of Corn-hole.

Saturday afternoon found me sitting on the dock watching Ty and a bunch of relatives I don't know swimming.

We haven't seen baby Silas since Memorial Day, and boy has he grown! He's starting to look a lot more like his brother, and a lot less like a wrinkly old man! 

 This girl. She's ornery as all get-out, but she makes me smile. She's talking so much and is really funny!

 Activity during the day Saturday: Photo Booth. We got all dolled up with props and stuff and got to take pictures.

 Sunday: These handsome men had dish-duty after lunch.

We ate like kings. These Amish cooks make some of the most amazing food, and they come every time we have a reunion. They don't even do much else anymore because they're getting older, but they make sure to still come out and cook for us! They make these AMAZING soft pretzels and cheese. And the BEST homemade bread I've ever eaten. I look forward to the bread the most, I think.

 Sunday night it was time for the Talent Show. How cute is Aunt Edna all dressed up as an Amish lady to perform?

 Our nephew Caleb decided last-minute to get up and tell some jokes. I believe he botched every single punchline he delivered, haha! But at least he's cute! I love this kid!

Lydia didn't do much besides talk into the microphone and scream at her dad during their skit, which you can see below.

 A few of the little girls got up there and sang Let It Go, from Frozen. It was so cute!

And then Ty, Jason and Tara did a skit. Enjoy.

And there you have it: Family Reunion 2014. If you're still here, congrats for making it through the whole post! We'll do it again in two years!

xoxo, wife.

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