Saturday, April 25, 2015

becoming more grown up daily.

I'm the first one to admit that I'm not good at doing things that most people do on a daily basis. One of those things is driving. Now, I'm a decent driver...but I've never driven more than 1.5 hours alone.

I recently wrote about being given the opportunity to attend a teaching conference in Indianapolis. One of my colleagues was going too, and I assumed we would ride together. I also assumed she would drive, since she's one of my superiors. When she mentioned that she was staying in Indy after the conference for dinner with a friend, my first thought was, "You mean I have to go by myself?!"

Insert shocked-face.

But I was instantly excited. Because I've always been driven places...I've never gone anywhere on my own. Not only did I have to drive there, but I had to NOT GET LOST!

Confession: Every time I go somewhere new, I have to turn around at some point due to a wrong turn, driving right by it, getting off the wrong exit, etc. Every time. I've never gone somewhere new without making some kind of mistake.

So I left incredibly early. Because I knew I'd get lost, even with my GPS.

But guess what? I didn't! Clap your hands for this pathetic girl, because this is a pretty big deal. I hit some construction and traffic on the way there, but didn't make ONE mistake!

The conference was about 5 hours long, and I learned a decent amount, especially about how gifted/talented students are identified. I spent some time talking with my colleague after. And then it was time to head back home. My GPS detected a lot of traffic, so it calculated a different route to take me home...she said it'd save me 25 minutes, so I was all for it. I ended up having to drive on a pretty major highway, but I still did it! No mistakes on the way home either!

The construction traffic was worse on the way home, though.

I sat in this exact spot for about 15 minutes. We went at a top speed of 7mph for a 3 mile stretch. It took a LONG time. But I had my music and some snacks to keep me occupied.

I feel like a total loser, but I was really excited to tell Ty about how well I did haha! This is something that normal people do all the time: travel a few hours alone. But since I've never done it, I'm proud that I did it with no mistakes. 

And even though I left at 5:45am and didn't get home until around 6:45pm, I was still WAY less tired than I normally am after a 9-10 hour day of work. It's amazing how much energy 21 kindergartners can suck out of you in a day. But I'm looking forward to continuing to learn about gifted/talented education and using what I learn to do the best I can as I transition into my new position for next year. 

And after my phenomenal drive yesterday, I'm feeling awfully grown-up and capable.

xoxo, wife. 

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