Sunday, March 6, 2011

Who Says You Need More Than 2 People to Party Karaoke-Style?

Earlier today I was messing around with our On Demand channels on Comcast. I was looking in the "Kids" section, and found that you could karaoke to some songs from Disney movies. One of Ty's all-time favorites, "The Circle of Life" was on the list, so I picked it for him. He was looking at deer pictures on the computer (big surprise) and I told him, "Tylan, this one's for you." The next thing I knew, my husband was belting out the entire song! It was so funny! I definitely wish I would've taped it. He had a blast. We found a channel that was nothing but karaoke, and had really good songs, but we had to subscribe to it. So what did my incredibly innovative husband decide to do? Well, he looked karaoke songs up on the internet of course! We literally had a karaoke party, just the two of us, for about 45 minutes! It was so much fun! We even used the tv and blue-ray remotes as microphones! We sang everything from "Don't Stop Believing" to "I Got A Feelin'." We rocked out, and I had a sore throat at the end.

Initially, we thought that we must be complete idiots, having our own little two-person karaoke party. But ya know what? Karaoke's all about having fun and being silly, and that's exactly what we did!

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