Monday, March 14, 2011

Have a Nice Trip...See You Next Fall!

I fell down the stairs this morning.

Thanks to Daylight Savings Time (ugh), it was dark out when I walked downstairs to get a pair of pants from the laundry room today. I didn't turn on a light, I stepped on a screwdriver (that the cat had apparently moved from the side of the step to the middle). It rolled out from under me, and I went tumbling down to the bottom. Ty has been spray painting a gun to look like camoflage (see "Life of a Hunter's Wife,) and had a can of spray paint sitting on the bottom step. I landed on it, broke the cap into a bunch of pieces, and managed to get a chunk of the plastic stuck into my skin. It got stuck right in the crease where your butt turns in to your leg. I pulled it out. It hurt. I started to cry.

Meanwhile, Ty had been in the shower when he heard my crash and yell. He dashed out of the shower, and ran down to me. (What a gentleman!). He checked me out, while dripping water all over me, since he didn't dry off from his shower. Its still dark, and I saw pieces of the black plastic cap laying on the steps (which are wooden, so they were THAT much more uncomfortable to fall on). Since the light wasn't on, all I saw was some dark stuff on the steps, so I started sobbing because I assumed I'd spray painted the steps with my butt. All the while, Ty's telling me its ok and not a big deal. I was bleeding where the cap had gotten stuck in my skin, and since that's an awkward spot, my sweet husband cleaned all the blood off, put some hydrogen peroxide on it, and bandaged me up. We then realized that the dark stuff wasn't paint that I had sprayed, it was just the cap. I was still in a terrible mood, because I was crying, had messed up my makeup, and was still in pain, but Ty was really sweet. He apologized because he felt like it was his fault, since he left the screwdriver and paint on the steps. He even checked in on me throughout the day to see if I was ok, and told me that he got some triple antibiotic cream for me (so the gash on my hiney doesn't get infected).

Even though my butt hurts, my foot is bruised, and I'll be REALLLLLY sore tomorrow, I think I lucked out in the husband department. Instead of laughing and telling me to "rub some dirt in it," he was really sweet and took care of me. Thanks Tylan :)

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