Wednesday, July 4, 2012

baseball, sweat, and fireworks.

Well it was hotter really, really hot last night.
But we enjoyed some baseball and fireworks. And food.
Can't forget baseball food.

We drank LOTS of water.

And my mom won a flat screen tv. Of the 6,000 people there, SHE won.
She was pretty pumped about it. Thought she was pretty cool :)


I'm not the biggest fan of Dip n' Dots anymore. I wanted regular ice cream. But ALL of the regular ice cream at the whole stadium was melted. And it was so stinkin' hot out, that I had to have something cold. So I settled for some cookies and cream Dots. 

My mom and I were trying to convey just how hot it was outside. And it was dark at this point.
You know its hot when you walk to the car at 11pm and you're still sweating.

My dad's pretty cute, huh? Not that you can see him with the glare of his neon orange shirt in your eyes.

Happy 4th of July. God bless America :)


  1. looked like you had GREAT seats...
    Do you know somebody??

  2. no...we're just THAT cool. When we walk through the gates, they take us to the best seats in the house.