Sunday, July 29, 2012

Sunday Day Date...There's an actual goat in this one!

Thanks to my mother and grandmother,
I now feel like an idiot.
In my last post, I called the animal a "goat" but it was really a "donkey."
Ha Ha Ha...ok ok. That's enough.
Sorry to any animal I may have offended with that comment.
(And it's probably good that I don't have to teach about farm animals in Kindergarten.)


Last night, I had this whole date planned out where Ty and I would go to the zoo and then to dinner.
Apparently, zoos around these parts are only open til 5.
Who knew?
Not me.
So by the time we figured that one out, it was too late.
So we decided to make it a day-date today after church.

This camel was laying down and all we could see were his humps. 
Then when we were about to walk away, he stuck his head up above the fence so we could snap a pic!

 Alpaca...NOT a llama. Ty would get angry if you called it a llama, because he showed llamas for a couple years at the 4H fair, and apparently, there's a big difference.

This cute little barn owl with his one little leg made me so happy!

Look mom! A GOAT! He's not really dead...he just kinda looks like it. It was pretty hot out.

This little guy apparently didn't want to share the food with any of his friends.

 I like to be extra cautious ever since a tiger almost sprayed me last year. Not sure I've ever moved so fast in my entire life. So now I like to stay on the side of caution.

But it's ok because they were sleeping anyway.

This one made me laugh with his tongue hanging out :)

 In case you didn't know, zebras are my favorite animal.
Not that you care what my favorite animal is.
But if you do, now you know.

 If you care about what my favorite animal is, you might also care about what my LEAST favorite animal is.
This guy.
Although I hate ostriches too...
I don't like to discriminate between large birds.
So I just hate them all.
Except flamingos.
Now those pink guys, I love. that I'm thinking about it, I realize that we missed that exhibit. Dang.

Then we went to the butterfly exhibit, where Ty proceeded to take pictures of every dang butterfly that was in there. I'm not even posting all the pictures, just enough to give you the idea.

Prairie dogs come in close second to zebras.
Unfortunately, it was lunchtime, so they weren't doing much besides eating.

Ring-tailed lemurs might come in third on my animal love list.
Or sea otters.
Didn't take any pictures of sea otters though.
They weren't really in a showing off mood today.
I though this guy was cute though.
Although he kinda looks annoyed that I was taking his picture.

You can't see it very well in the picture,
but the monkey on the right is grooming the monkey on the left.
He kept biting things off the other one's face and it was too cute!
Or weird.
But I'm gonna go with cute.

I spy a monkey on top of that log.

It was a wonderful day for a day-date, and I had a lot of fun.
We will now spend the rest of the day lounging around, relaxing and watching some Olympic gymnastics later on.

xoxo, wife.

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