Saturday, July 7, 2012

now we know what hell feels like...

I've mentioned the heat.
And probably that I HATE to get hot.
But the heat's not so bad, because I can just stay inside and relax in the air conditioning, right?
Not if your air conditioner is old.
And not if its directly in the sun outside.
And not if its 102 degrees with a heat index of 110.
And not if its 145% humidity.
And not if it hasn't rained in 83 months.
At least that's what the air conditioner man told us after he charged us $100 just to come out and take a look.

The other day, our air conditioner decided it was just too dang hot to cool off the house. 
So it quit working.
Amazing how a house can go from 73 to 90 in about 2 hours.
Who knew?

After those first two hours, this is what my poor pets looked like:

So I put ice in their water to help cool them off... but this literally lasted all of 5 minutes before it all melted away.

And in case you've ever wanted to know what I look like when I'm hot and sweaty, here you go.
Keep in mind, this is still early on, the first day. I won't show you a picture of what I looked like the next day, when I was nearing a heat stroke and in a TERRIBLE mood.

When Hubby got home from work, he set up all the fans we had, and then we took advantage of them.
We have more than that, but they're not pictured.

Poor thing was miserable.

I happened to be walking to the bathroom when I saw this:
When its almost 100 degrees inside your house, you begin to wonder if this might be what hell feels like.

So Abby and I did the only thing we could the next morning:
Went to my mom and dad's to cool off in the air conditioning.

We've spent the last few days sitting in front of fans, eating popsicles, sleeping in the basement because its 3 degrees cooler down there, taking ice cold showers for relief, and trying to stay as far away from each other's body heat as humanly possible. 
I'm tired of being sweaty.

But on a positive note, its down to 87 in here right now.
And the high is only 86 tomorrow, so we're hoping it cools off some.
But in the meantime, I'm off to sit in front of a fan with my pup.
Eat a popsicle for me.
And go to church tomorrow.
Trust me, I've caught a glimpse of hell, and you DON'T wanna go there!

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  1. oh brother...hell really? Drama queen you goober!