Monday, October 1, 2012

Couples who dress alike...

...will stay together forever.
Oh at least that's what I say.

I was getting ready for church yesterday, and put on my black argyle sweater.
Next thing I know, Ty pulls HIS black argyle sweater out of the closet not knowing I was already putting mine on.
I immediately got super excited, and he realized what he had done.

Then he tried to put his sweater away!
Oh no, no.
For some reason, Ty absolutely hates to match me.
I think it's cute.
So I put on my best pouty face and convinced him to wear it.
And it worked!

The best part was when his buddy and buddy's wife noticed at church.
Ty had to make sure they knew that he was forced.
I think they secretly thought it was adorable.


  1. it bad I dislike this picture being on the web than the sweeping in my boxers picture? haha!