Monday, October 8, 2012

dear husband,

I appreciate that you plan to build a "beer cap" table.
I understand that it takes a long time to collect all those caps, and I even let you use my amazing canisters in the kitchen to store them.
That's right...I cannot even store sugar, flour, and coffee in my canisters.
No way.
They house the beer caps.
But I'm fine with that.
Not complaining at all...yet.
Here it comes though........

When you take the beer cap off of the beer, please kindly put it in the dang canisters!
I purposely let you use them because they are RIGHT THERE! Right where you take the cap off!

See? Right there...literally 12 inches from where you left the cap on the counter.
And if you look closely, I see another cap in the background...even CLOSER to the canisters! 
Good grief.
And while we're on the subject, you could also put your bottle in the recycling.
Just saying.

I still love you though.
xoxo, wife.

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