Tuesday, October 2, 2012

the hustler?

After a long day of work, I pull in the driveway this evening to see my husband talking with some strange man on the porch.
My first thought was that he was from a certain religious community (that shall remain nameless) and he was trying to convert us.
I figured Ty would give the usual, "Yes, we already have a church..." spiel and the man would be on his way.
But as I was putting my car in park, there he was at the front of my car, urging me to get out so he could show me the newest, most miraculous cleaner on the market.
He then proceeded to show me how the cleaner could clean my car, the oil off our driveway, the sharpie off a towel, the window on our front door (which will then not streak or smudge), etc. 
And of course it could also clean the carpets, the shower, the stove, the toilets, stains on the laundry, and all that.
And this one bottle of concentrated solution, when mixed with water, could make you like a billion bottles of cleaner, which should last you years and years and you'd never have to buy another bottle of cleaner again.
Blah. Blah. Blah.
Now...I'm usually one of the most skeptical people out there when it comes to stuff like this.
But I was pretty impressed by this man's demonstration.
And Ty was very obviously excited about it...standing on the deck, grinning like the Cheshire Cat.
So I gave in and said we could get a bottle.

As soon as we got inside, Ty began mixing his new concoction, and my skepticism began to set in.
"I bet he had a special bottle of cleaner. Ours won't be as good. It's not going to work and we just wasted (an undisclosed amount of money.)

But Ty got to work dispelling my concerns. The stove is now spotless (no more grease.)
The shower looks much better.
The microwave hasn't looked like this in ages.

And this next one was what really did it for me:
In our area, we have a problem with rust in the water. 
There has been this ugly rust ring at the bottom of our bathroom sink for the longest time that I cannot get rid of.
Not even a Magic Eraser could take care of that sucker.
But look!

And so is my skepticism.
And my guilt at buying a cleaning product from a door-to-door salesman.

So I thought we had been hustled, but now I'm thinking maybe we should buy stock in this cleaner.
**If you'd like to try it, please contact us. We'll mix you one bottle for (an undisclosed amount of money.)


  1. Undisclosed!? We'll mix one bottle for $5 the average cost of one bottle of cleaner it will replace! :)

  2. I'm a non-believer...think Ty would want to come over to my house and make a believer (clean my house)out of me???