Saturday, November 24, 2012

it's beginning to look a lot like...

Christmas around these parts.
Three years ago we bought a pre-lit Christmas tree.
Last year, part of the bottom section of lights went out.
Then we figured out this year that part of the middle section was out too.
And not to be outdone, the top section decided not to work at all
 Hubs tried to fix the problem.
For about an hour and a half.
I was given the job and plugging/unplugging the tree during this endeavor.

 When it was finally decided that nothing would work, Hubs decided that he would just go buy a couple strands of lights and we'd do it the old-fashioned way.


And now the cat has officially set up shop for the next month.
The tree was the only thing that gave us grief this year. The rest of the decorations went up without a hitch.
Ty takes great pride in this Christmas village.
The final product:
There's just something about having the house decorated for the holidays that makes me happy.
Here's to a safe, happy, and healthy holiday season for all.
xoxo, wife.

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