Sunday, March 24, 2013

at least ONE of us had fun this weekend.

The husband ventured a few hours south this weekend to spend time with family for the Niece's first birthday.
Why just the husband, you ask?
Because I had a CRAP TON of work to do.
Report cards are due this weekend, and Parent/Teacher Conferences are Wednesday.
That means that while the husband was soaking up lots of Niece and Nephew love, my view looked like this:

After I finished the actual report cards, I decided to fill out a behavior/work habit form for each kid. Then on the back I wrote down any notes that I wanted to be sure to speak with parents about this week. I wrote down all their current reading levels, spelling grade percentages, any behavior problems, etc.

After about 3 hours of report card craziness, it was time to clean/beautify the classroom. It has to be in tip-top shape before parents come in! I hung up these clocks we made during our unit on telling time.

I redid my bulletin board (my absolute LEAST favorite thing to do in the world.) I hung up the writing we did last week. The kiddos had a debate about whether Lunch or Recess was better. After the debate, they wrote about it, and presented their writing to the class.

Redid my classroom door. It was definitely time to get rid of the snowman and snowflakes all over it! The kids have been asking me lately when they'll graduate high school. At 5 years old, they have no concept of how far away 2025 is, but at least they'll have an answer to their question!

Then I finally decided it was time to conquer this craziness. I'm slightly embarrassed to post this picture. I never thought it looked THIS bad. 

While I was cleaning, I found our Class Motto that I laminated to hang up MONTHS ago...buried deep in the abyss. So I finally hung it up.

Then finally, an undisclosed-amount-of-time later, my desk finally looked like this.

And now I look slightly more like a professional.
Parents won't have to worry that their child may become lost in the crap-pile known as My Desk.

Needless to say, I worked hard.
On a Saturday.
I was there ALL day.
And while I was working like a dog, the husband was sending me pictures like these:

But fortunately, the weekend was not all a loss.
Check out this awesome-ness.

I mean, it just doesn't get much better than that, does it??

xoxo, wife.

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