Friday, March 22, 2013

the most important part of a kinder's day

Any kind.
Any time.
Snack time.
It's a super big deal.
All 24 of my kids are obsessed with food and eating.
That must be why I noticed a theme when grading math tests today.

The question: Write a sentence telling me why it is important to know how to tell time.

Answer #1:

Translation: Because you have to know what time it is for you to know when it's lunch time.

 Answer #2:

Translation: The reason why we need to know what time it is, is because we might miss out on lunch.

There were also various others about missing snack...but those were mostly illegible (except for the word 'snack' of course.)

Good to know which part of the day the kids look forward to the most!
Not my stellar lessons...
Just lunch.
And snack.


xoxo, wife.

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